Punishments Awaits this Generation

By Chris Layton

July 31, 2019

From the Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith p.328

“I prophesy, in the name of the Lord God of Israel,..”

-Joseph is claiming His name or in other words, Joseph has the right to act in the very name of God Himself-

“..anguish and wrath and tribulation and the withdrawing of the Spirit of God from the earth await this generation until they are visited with utter desolation…”

Has this been fulfilled to the full measure that God has declared? Not yet.

The people living in Joseph Smith’s day didn’t always suffer the immediate consequences. Most lived out their lives and to the casual observer it would have seemed that life simply carried on. God has no problem with re-generation. It’s part of His mercy and it’s also part of His justice.

The generation that lived in Joseph’s day is back and they are living their lives once again unaware of the coming judgment.

Hopefully by now they will have fully repented but what are the odds? What is more common in human nature than to repeat the mistakes of the past?

“This generation is as corrupt as the generation of the Jews that crucified Christ”

Because they are that generation.

“And if He were here to-day”

He was.