Eliza R. Snow Smith Quotes on Adam as our Father in Heaven

The following quotes from Eliza R. Snow also illustrate in plainness the former doctrine, held dear to those true believers in Joseph’s restorative works, that Adam, or Michael, or the Ancient of Days is indeed our Father in Heaven, the Father of our Spirits, and the Father of Jesus Christ.

Eliza R. Snow was amply qualified, through her rare intellectual endowments, her unusual spiritual gifts and her unfaltering faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ; also by reason of her broad experiences and intimate association with her husband, Joseph Smith, to be in a position of intimate knowledge of the teachings of the Prophet on the higher order of life as she received from the Prophet Joseph’s lips.

The following words may be found in the work “Women of Mormondom” at the pages indicated in the section of the book on Eliza R. Snow Smith.

From page 179:

“Adam is our Father and God. He is the God of the earth.”

“Adam is the great Archangel of this creation. He is Michael. He is the Ancient of Days. He is the father of our elder brother, Jesus Christ–the father of him who shall also come as Messiah to reign. He is the father of the spirits as well as the tabernacles of the sons and daughters of man–Adam!”

“Michael is one of the grand mystical names in the works of creations; redemptions and resurrections.”

“Michael was a celestial, resurrected being, of another world.”

” ‘In the beginning,’ the Gods created the heavens and the earths. In their councils they said, ‘Let us make man in our own image.’ So, in the likeness of the Fathers, and the Mothers–the Gods–created they man-male and female. When this earth was prepared for mankind, Michael, as Adam, came down. He brought with him one of his wives, and he called her name Eve.”

“Adam and Eve are the names of the fathers and mothers of worlds.”

From page 180:

“The grand patriarchal economy, with Adam, as a resurrected being, who brought his wife Eve from another world has been very finely elaborated by Brigham from the patriarchal genesis which Joseph conceived.”

From page 191:

“Brightest among these spirits, and nearest in the circle to our Father and Mother in heaven (the Father being Adam), were Seth, Enoch, Noah, and Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus Christ-“

“These are the sons and daughters of Adam-the Ancient of Days-the Father and God of the whole human family. These are the sons and daughters of Michael, who is Adam, the father of the spirits of all our race. These are the sons and daughters of Eve, the Mother of a world.”

From page 196:

“When Brigham Young proclaimed to the nations that Adam was our Father and God, and Eve, his partner, the Mother of a world-both in a mortal and celestial sense-he made the most important revelation ever oracled to the race since the days of Adam himself.

This grand patriarchal revelation is the very key-stone of the ‘New Creation’ of the heavens and the earth. It gives new meaning to the whole system of theology-“

Further quotes of Eliza R. Snow Smith from other sources identifying Adam or Michael as our Father in Heaven:

“Adam, your God, like you on earth, has been

Subject to sorrow in a world of sin:

Through long gradation he arose to be

Cloth’d with the Godhead’s might and majesty.

And what to him in his probative sphere,

Whether a Bishop, Deacon, Priest, or Seer?

Whate’er his offices and callings were,

He magnified them with assiduous care:

By his obedience he obtain’d the place

Of God and Father of this human race.

“Obedience will the same bright garland weave,

As it has done for your great mother, Eve,

For all her daughters on the earth, who will

All my requirements sacredly fulfill.

And what to Eve, though in her mortal life,

She’d been the first, the tenth, or fiftieth wife?

What did she care, when in her lowest sate,

Whether by fools, consider’d small, or great?

‘Twas all the same with her-she’d proved her worth-

She’s now the Goddess and Queen of Earth.

“Life’s ultimatum, unto those that live

As Saints of God, and all my pow’rs receive;

Is still the onward, upward course to tread-

To stand as Adam and as Eve, the head

Of an inheritance, a new-form’d earth,

And to their spirit-race, give mortal birth-

Give them experience in a world like this;

Then lead them forth to everlasting bliss,

Crown’d with salvation and eternal joy

Where full perfection dwells, without alloy”

(Eliza R. Snow, An Immortal, pp. 188-189; Poems of Eliza R. Snow 2:8-9)

“Father Adam, our God, let all Israel extol,

And Jesus, our Brother, who died for us all.”

(Eliza R. Snow, Mill. Star 17:320)

The following is a commentary from the book Women of Mormondom, reflecting these crystal clear former teachings of the Mormon church, advocated by the former saints, including “Zion’s Poetess,” Eliza R. Snow:

“Very different is Mormon Theology! The Mormons exalt the grand parents of our race. Not even is the name of Christ more sacred to them than the names of Adam and Eve. It was to them the poetess and high priestess addressed her hymn of invocation; and Brigham’s proclamation that Adam is our Father and God is like a hallelujah chorus to their everlasting names. The very earth shall yet take it up; all the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve shall yet shout it for joy, to the ends of the earth, in every tongue!” (Women of Mormondom, p. 180)