The Models: Preface/Quotes

“The Models” were developed as a result of searching for truth in the scriptures through the effort of three men, brought together by the Lord with individual and varied skills necessary to create the visual and sequential concepts of Exaltation Theology.  Their intention was not to teach it to others, but to find out for themselves.  However, as their efforts became known, people sought them out and they were taught by request in their home.  This expanded as time went on until there were, at times, as many as two hundred people in attendance.  James D. Harmston taught “The Models” between 1991 and 1998, first in the home of Jim and Elaine, and later in buildings acquired after the formation of the The True and Living Church of Jesus Christ.  They consisted of a series of subjects dealing with Exaltation Theology taught for 12 hours a day for two consecutive days.   Lunch and dinner were served on sight free of charge and miracles were witnessed as food was multiplied to meet the needs of whatever size audience was present.

Some of these classes were recorded. While the models were given with the same basic content each time, ensuring that the basic principles were conveyed, often the extraneous material varied because it was tailored to the  personality of the audience.  There was no written script.  What is contained herein is given, for the most part, in the exact way it was spoken when taught.  Every effort has been made to maintain the doctrinal integrity of the model presentation while eliminating extraneous and unnecessary conversation, discussion, or repetition. 

The models were presented in a relaxed atmosphere and the illustrations were drawn on a whiteboard as the model progressed, illustrating the principles being taught.  Duplicating such a process in printed form leaves a lot to be desired; however, every effort has been made to illustrate the material as closely as possible to what was done when presented live.  In an attempt to focus only on the part of the model being presented, some illustrations are partial sections of the complete model.  Sometimes, this has resulted in incomplete or partial words at the edge of an illustration.  A full model illustration is shown at the end of each model.

As pointed out several times in the text, the models are an outline and not a comprehensive discussion of the topics presented.  It is left to the reader to seek further light and knowledge that will fill in the details of such information.  In some areas of understanding, there are now extant books that actually do that.

It has been said that once one person pays the price for revealing truth, the ripples of it go out to the whole world.  James D. Harmston paid the price for bringing forth truths contained in the models.  While there were others who helped in developing them in their initial stages, the Lord gave him the charge to teach, and also expanded through revelation the concepts, which he wore out his life doing.  His knowledge of the scriptures, energy, inspiration and spirit gave them life and continued the restoration of truths not previously understood.  It is hoped that this information will find its way to the pure in heart and those who truly seek to understand the requirements of exaltation and are willing to pay the price to attain it.