How is the TLC different from other Fundamentalist Mormon Groups?

Unlike traditional Fundamentalists, the TLC does not claim priesthood succession through any of the men present for the 1886 Revelation of President John Taylor in Centerville, Utah.

We claim authority through Angelic ministration to James D. Harmston. (See “Testimony of the Prophet James D. Harmston“) The TLC places the greatest emphasis on the Endowment and teaching the True Order of Prayer as a means of communication through the veil. The TLC is also very open about the doctrine of Plural Marriage and our practice of it, as well as all the other doctrines of the Fullness.

We do accept the 1886 Revelation of John Taylor as true, and that the events that surrounded it as described by Lorin C. Wooley are factual. However, we consider those who currently claim priesthood authority through the Centerville experience are in apostasy just as the LDS Church, having departed from many truths and ordinances, and having signed similar Manifestos to the 1890 one in order to avoid incarceration.