LDS Doctrinal Changes Timeline

1830- In April the L.D.S. Church was organized, through the power of the priesthood, by Joseph Smith Jr. Notice, it did not take the Church to organize the priesthood, it took the priesthood to organize the Church.

In October in the D&C 33:4 the Lord says that his vineyard has become corrupted every whit because of priestcrafts and corrupt minds. Priestcraft is simply the misuse of the priesthood. The Priesthood was given to the Church at the time, who else could corrupt the Lord’s vineyard with priestcrafts?

1831- In May the Lord sees abominations in the Church that professes His name. (D&C 33:4)

1832- In September the Lord says the whole Church is brought under condemnation because of vanity and unbelief and treating lightly the things (ordinances, covenants, commandments, ECT.) they have received. They took their ordinances, covenants, and the Lord’s commandments lightly. (D&C 84:54-57)

1833- Joseph Smith Jr in a letter warns that the Latter Day Saints must purify themselves or be cast off…for if Zion will not purify herself, as to be approved  of in all things, in His sight, HE WILL SEEK ANOTHER PEOPLE; for His work will go on until Israel is gathered, and they who will not hear His voice, must expect to feel his wrath. TPJS p.18

1852- Brigham Young declares, “Now hear it, O inhabitants of the earth…” declaring that Father “Adam is our God and the only God with whom we have to do.” Because this doctrine is unpopular with the world it is later repudiated by Wilford Woodruff and disappears as a doctrine by the turn of the century. (JD 1:50-51)

1854- Before the Territorial Legislature (the Counsil of fifty) Brigham Young warns that if the Church ever consents to mingle our seed with the seed of Cain and ordain them to the Priesthood, the Priesthood is taken from the earth and the Church must go to destruction.

1886- In a revelation to John Taylor, the Lord states that he cannot revoke the everlasting covenant of “Celestial Plural Marriage. That he could not “revoke the law nor would he.”

1889- The Lord warns Wilford Woodruff in a revelation to make no more concession to the enemies of the church  which would be subsequently ignored and the primary cause for the estrangement of the church from God.

1890- Manifesto issued revoking the law of “Celestial Plural Marriage” under Wilford Woodruff in spite of all prior warnings.

1894- Again under Wilford Woodruff’s administration the Law of Adoption as given by the Prophet Joseph Smith was changed.

1897- Adam God doctrine is revoked

1899- Adam God doctrine removed from the lecture at the veil.

1900- The last vestige of the Law of Consecration, the United Order is discontinued when Apostle Lyman advises the Saints living at Orderville, Utah to disband.

1906- Second manifesto is issued. Any persons abiding by the law of Celestial Plural Marriage would be excommunicated

1908- The Oath of Vengeance was taken out of the endowment to satisfy the US Government in order for Reed Smoot to take his seat in the Senate.

1920’s The welfare system was implemented and the Law of Consecration and the United Order was abandoned.

1921- The garment is greatly modified, and shortened to comply with the fashion standards set by the world. It first is changed to a “street garment” then to become the “sport garment” worn by the LDS today. How can you have a knee mark when your knees are uncovered because the garment is hiked up? It is also hard to understand the double standard existing then of long garments in the temple, short garments outside the temple. How can you have the long garment placed on your body and told to wear throughout your life only to take it off on exiting the temple?

The Lectures on Faith are taken out of the Doctrine and Covenants though they had been canonized as scripture and had been included as part of that scripture since 1835. The reason for the elimination was because it taught the Adam God doctrine which the church at that point had distanced themselves from.

1922- Heber Grant rewrites the Woman’s Oath of Obedience.

1923- The LDS Church is incorporated and begins financial operations in Babylon which result in staggering wealth coming into the Church. Heber Grant authorizes the Lord’s tithing money for financial investments in the world.

1933- The Law of Chastity in the Endowment was changed from “given by the Holy Priesthood” to “Legally and Lawfully” as a deference to the laws of men with regard to marriage contracts and licensure.

1936- In October the First Presidency abolishes the doctrine of the gathering, urging members of the Church to stay in their own countries.

1945- A message from the First Presidency tells the Saints that they need no longer do their own thinking, that their thinking has already been done for them. (see Orwell’s 1984)

1953- LDS church donates $100,000 to the State of Arizona to drive out, jail fathers and divide the families of fundamentalist Mormons who try to keep the principle of Celestial Plural Marriage alive at Shortcreek Arizona.

1978- In April the Endowment is no longer given using the long garment.

In May 1978 a letter goes out to all Stake Presidents and Bishops ordering them to quit doing stake and ward prayer circles in their buildings.

In June 1978 priesthood is extended to all including the seed of Cain. In so doing the Apostles unknowingly give up their Priesthood keys as the Prophet Brigham Young warned in 1852 (JD 1:51-52)

1986- On October 4th the Office and Quorum of Seventy are abolished

1989 Ezra Taft Benson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints warns of pride being the greatest sin in the church (the very sin for which the church was condemned in D&C 84) He also warned of destruction to come because of that pride. He is ignored by the general body of the church.

1990 On April 6th, Don LeFever, Church Spokesman, gives a press release which consists in part, “Although we do not condone sexual relations outside of the marriage covenant, a person can have homosexual feelings and still remain in the Church in good standing.” This in spite of the Lord’s warning “As a man thinketh, so is he.”

1990- On April 10, the Twelve seal their own doom and put the final nails in the coffin by changing the temple ordinances.

1997 Gordon Hinkley, the President of the LDS church in an interview on April 13 with San Francisco Chronicle admits that the Church is no longer receiving revelation. He also denounces Lorenzo Snow’s statement, “As man is God once was.” Saying that it was only “a couplet” that the Church didn’t understand such doctrines.

2018 October 7 President of the LDS church Russel M Nelson declares victory for Satan saying “the nickname Mormon is a major victory for Satan” in blatant defiance to the Prophet Joseph Smith who said:
“Truth is “Mormonism” God is the author of it. He is our shield. It is by Him we received our birth It was by His voice that we were called to a dispensation of His Gospel in the beginning of the fullness of times.”-TPJS p. 139


“While Latter-day Saints do worship Jesus Christ as explained here, they do not pray to Him. That is reserved for only God the Father.” From the LDS church website FAQ page “Who Do Mormons Worship?”

From a BYU address March 2, 1982 Apostle Bruce R. McConkie said in no uncertain terms that Mormons do not worship Jesus Christ.

“We do not worship the Son, and we do not worship the Holy Ghost. I know perfectly well what the scriptures say about worshipping Christ and Jehovah, but they are speaking in an entirely different sense—the sense of standing in awe and being reverentially grateful to him who has redeemed us. Worship in the true and saving sense is reserved for God the first, the Creator.”

From the Church Newsroom October 4, 2007 Elder M Russell Ballard addresses the question “Do Latter-day-saints worship Jesus Christ in their church services?”

“Anyone that visits the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is welcome and they would be impressed totally with the devotion and the center of our faith being Jesus Christ the Son of God. You would hear the name of Jesus Christ mentioned time after time after time. We pray in his name, we teach in his name, we have the communion or the sacrament as we call it all in his name in remembrance of his atoning sacrifice. We partake of the bread and the water in the renewing of our covenants we’ve made with him. When the meeting is concluded we close it in the name of Jesus Christ”

He stops short of admitting as boldly as apostle McConkie that the members of the LDS church do not worship Jesus Christ. Rather than worship Jesus, they just talk alot about Jesus and invoke His name in their services but make no mistake, Bruce McConkie said that we don’t worship Jesus and that’s what we’re currently going with.

It’s why Jesus said: “This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.” Matthew 15:8

They’re all talk.

Compare this now with the scriptures. Did the Nephites and eventually the Lamanites and Mormon himself worship and pray to Jesus Christ? Yes they did.


“Arise and come forth unto me, that ye may thrust your hands into my side, and also that ye may feel the prints of the nails in my hands and in my feet, that ye may know that I AM THE GOD OF ISRAEL, AND THE GOD OF THE WHOLE EARTH, AND HAVE BEEN SLAIN FOR THE SINS OF THE WORLD…

And it came to pass that when they had all gone forth, and had witnessed for themselves, they did cry out with one accord, saying:



“Behold, I say unto you, That the law is fulfilled that was given unto Moses.

Behold, I AM HE THAT GAVE THE LAW, and I am he which covenanted with my people Israel; therefore the law in me is fulfilled…” 3 Nephi 15:4-5

“Behold I AM THE LAW, and the light…” 3 Nephi 15:9

“…and they which were whole, bowed down at his feet and did worship him…” 3 Nephi 17:10


“And behold, they began to pray; AND THEY DID PRAY UNTO JESUS, CALLING HIM THEIR LORD AND THEIR GOD.” 3 Nephi 19:18

“And it came to pass that Jesus blessed them, as they did pray unto him, and his countenance did smile upon them…” 3 Nephi 19:25

“And Jesus saith unto them, Pray on, nevertheless they did not cease to pray.” 3 Nephi 19:26

Any church that does not recognize that Jesus Christ is our Lord and our God just as the Apostle Thomas declared, does not serve the True and Living God of Israel who is the Lord Jesus Christ. They draw near unto Him with their lips but their hearts are far from Him. They are Jesus fans, not followers. They are not for Christ, they are in deed fighting against Christ in the spirit of anti-Christ.