Quotes from Models – Mortality

By James D. Harmston


“What kind of a body is this?  It’s a mortal, physical, Telestial body.  What’s the compelling force of life?  Blood, isn’t it.  Okay.  How did you get this body?  You got that body by being born, and the compelling force of life is blood. You performed an ordinance to get this way, called an act of intercourse.  That is an act of creation.  God says the life of the flesh is in the blood and I’ve given it before the altar to make an atonement for your soul.  This body gets old.  And you know, eventually our days wear out and we’re done and our spirits leave our bodies, and it goes to the grave, it goes back to dust. So, you get a Telestial body by being born.”


“But what’s the difference between a Telestial body and a Terrestrial body?  It’s kind of a perfected Telestial body, let’s put it that way, cause the blood has been purified and you’re no longer subject to disease and decay, and you can live as long as you want in that state doing works of righteousness, can’t you.” 

“Now how do you get a Terrestrial Order body?  Or let’s assume they were Terrestrial Order beings. They perform that act of creation and have sex and then you get pregnant and then you give birth.  What kind of a baby is going to be born? A Terrestrial Order one.  Hmm, so that’s one way to get a Terrestrial Order body, isn’t it, get born to Terrestrial beings.  Hmm, is there another way?”

“Yes, there’s also a Priesthood ordinance performed by the proper authority that will raise that body to the Terrestrial Order, an ordinance of translation.  Okay.  So you can get a Telestial body by birth.  You can get a Terrestrial Order body by birth.  You can get a Terrestrial Order body by Priesthood ordinance, ah, birth is a priesthood ordinance anyway, in that order.  And that’s pretty interesting.  I mean after all, by the operations of the Holy Ghost, a gentile can be made an Israelite, so why should it be too hard to make an Israelite a translated being.  It’s not too hard if you’ve got the right authority.”


“We have one other type of body to deal with.  What is it?  Celestial body.  What kind of a body is it, and what’s the compelling force of life?  It is flesh and bone, but the compelling force of life is spirit.  Hmm.  That’s kind of interesting.  I want one.  How do you get one?  Hmm, job of the second comforter.  Who’s the second comforter?  The Savior.  Okay, He has the power of resurrection then, doesn’t He.   Well, that’s kind of interesting, isn’t it?  We’re going to learn a lot more about resurrection.  The one thing that Mormons are pathetically ignorant about is the doctrine of resurrection.  That’s a Priesthood Ordinance.  The power of resurrection is a priesthood ordinance, and it clothes a body, it clothes a spirit body in an eternal body.”      


“Do you own your telestial body?  You don’t, do you.  It’s on loan, stewardship, you know.  You don’t even own it.  Does a Telestial body always have to go to the grave?  Huh?  No?  Doesn’t have to go to the grave.  Okay.  It can be translated, and then you can live as long as you need to, to build your kingdom, so to speak, and I’ll have to teach you all about kingdom building tomorrow, but then, when, you’ve performed your works of righteousness and you’re ready to move on, you know, go out and create some worlds and do some stuff like that.  When you’re ready to move on, you can die, … you can choose and your Terrestrial body can die and you can be resurrected in the twinkling of an eye, to glory.  So you don’t really have to lay moldering in the grave, you can be resurrected to Celestial glory.” 


“What kind of character is Telestial character?  It’s carnal, sensual and devilish.  Okay.  It seeks for the things of this world, takes pleasure in this world, lusts for the riches of the world and so forth.”

“What kind of character is Terrestrial character?  Hey, how about honorable people who are honest and moral?  How many of those are left on this planet?  Terrestrial character is at least honest and moral, and there isn’t much of that left, is there.”

“Okay, you brought up Celestial character; what is Celestial character?  They have divine attributes and a divine nature.”


“Let’s go up here and let’s look at people with Telestial bodies, but Terrestrial character.  What happens to these folks between now and the beginning of millennium?  They go through great suffering and those who do transition, those who do live, and their conditions that they will live on, and we’ll teach you what those conditions are, because they deal with Suzerain Vassal concepts. 

Okay.  Those who are allowed to transition, when they come over here, they pick up a Terrestrial body to go with their Terrestrial character.  They’re allowed to live on earth.  But what about living in Zion?  No.  They can live on the earth, but not in Zion.  Mmm. Hmn.  Well, hopefully, some of these people will get out of this condition and come up here, and certainly one of the major reasons for having a millennium is to get people out of here up here.”


“Let’s say you have a Telestial body but you have or are developing Celestial character.  What happens up here between now and the beginning of the millennium?  You know, they have to go through a process, and so they go through a process that results in receiving a Terrestrial body to go with their Terrestrial character.  Do you know what that process is?  It’s calling and election process, so we’ll write up here:  C & E process–C & E process they have to go through.  What do they become?  They become the pure in heart.  HuhWhat does that mean?  If you look at the word from the Hebrew point of view, then they have to have open minds, willing hearts and they do it God’s way, don’t they.”

“These people are living Celestial law in what kind of a world?  Well if they can live Celestial law in a Telestial world, then how hard is it going to be to live Celestial law in a Terrestrial world?  Piece of cake!  A lot easier, isn’t it.  So when it comes time to transitioning, these people go through in a very, big way.  NO PROBLEM, they go right through, don’t they.  Okay.  They go right through.  And, of course, they’ve already got their Terrestrial bodies and their Celestial character, they live as long as they want to, die, and are resurrected in a twinkling of an eye to Celestial glory with their Celestial character.  They are Zion.  Period!  Bottom Line! “


“And what is charity?  The pure love of Christ.  The rest of the world has got that word so screwed up, they don’t have a clue what it means.  They think its do-good-erism.  ‘Just loving everybody and put up with all their nonsense, that’s charity.  Be kind to all dumb animals and dumb people.’  That isn’t charity, that’s brotherly love.  Charity is the Pure Love of Christ.  And if you purely love Christ, Stan, then you’ll keep his commandments.  You’ll do it his way.  You’re not going to try to tell him how he is to redeem you.”


“Do you know that they tried to take 91 sections out of the Doctrine and Covenants in 1921?  Did you know that, Stan?  Oh, this doesn’t apply!  This doesn’t apply!  This doesn’t apply!  This doesn’t apply!  And there was such a hue and cry, they couldn’t get it done.  Zion cannot be built up unless it’s on the principles of the law of the Celestial Kingdom.  Otherwise, I CANNOT, he doesn’t say he won’t, he says I CANNOT, it’s against the law of eternal justice; I CANNOT RECEIVE HER UNTO MYSELF.  Bottom line!  That’s it!  It’s over!”


“I get a kick out of people.  Sometimes they think they are coming to Zion when they come here.  For cryin’ out loud, they’re jumping out of the frying pan into the fire because they are going to get chastened.  They’re no good to God.  You’re no good to God unless you’ve been proven.  You know, and I get upset with people when they say you shouldn’t wail away on the Fundamentalists or on the Christians, or on the Jews, or on the Mormons.  Hey, turn to section 35.  They say there are so many good people in all these churches and I say, baloney!  I don’t believe it!  Read that to us:  section 35 verse 12. ‘And there are none that doeth good except those who are ready to receive the fullness of my gospel, which I have sent forth unto this generation.’

So there are none who do good, according to God—There are none who do good but those who are ready to receive what?  The fullness of my gospel, not a little bit of it, but the whole load.  So don’t tell me there are so many good people out there.  If they are good people, they’d listen to the Holy Spirit and move; they’d respond.”

“God makes a provision for those of you who want to bad enough, because he says in the 46th section.  The blessings not only go to those who are able to live the law, but to those who seeketh so to do.  And so when you come here, and you seek to live the law and you pay the price, the blessings begin to flow to you.”


” Can you see what’s happening here?  I’m using visual symbols and aural words, encoded words, to create perceptions about eternal things.  It is this kind of stuff.  What if I drew that right there and I put all these little tick marks and went like that.  What’s happening?  Some gentiles coming into the House of Israel.  What if I went over here and I drew this little thing right here, and I draw an arrow like that.  Wow!  Same thing, Huh, just a different way of doing it.  Hmm.  What if I did this, right here?  And I went like that.  Somebody became a King and a Priest, didn’t they.  What do we call these things?  Hieroglyphics!   What is paleo Hebrew?  Hieroglyphics!  Oh my gosh!  Isn’t that interesting?”

Do you know that what I’m going to give to you in two days, would take between ten and fifteen thousand pages to write out, and yet, when I’m done by tomorrow night, I can write the whole thing across the top of an 8 ½  by 11 sheet of paper, one line.  And if you’ve been trained in it, you can understand it and I can modify these little things.  I can make reformed hieroglyphics …  And tell stories with it by what I pick and choose.  I can create a perceptual set of images to tell the whole plan.  And yet, if I handed this to somebody out there in the world, would they have even a clue what I’m talking about.  These are powerful audio and visual, symbols and clues to mufalah.  What’s that?  Great secret.”


“Let’s go to Section 84.  Let’s start at about, oh, 87, 84:87. Okay, Now.  Behold, I send you out to reprove the world of all their unrighteous deeds, and to teach them of a judgment which is to come.  Wow!  88) And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, Now notice he didn’t say, I send you out to coddle them, and baby them, and to disguise Joseph Smith and to, you know, say, we’re a Christian Church and we believe in families and we have soft ball and basket ball teams and a great University and all that kind of crap.  He says, I send you out to reprove the world of all their unrighteous deeds.  When was the last time a Mormon missionary reproved anybody?  If the mission president found out, you’d get censured.  Yeah. 

Judgment is the proper application of justice and mercy, the crook and the flail.  Okay.  And he who has the grand view and the keys can properly implement justice and mercy in judgment.  It takes judgment to execute justice and mercy. 

Behold, I send you out to reprove the world of all their unrighteous deeds, and to teach them of a judgment which is to come.  The Mormon Church never teaches of a judgment to come.  Never, ever! 

88) And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face.  I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.  89) Whoso receiveth you receiveth me; and the same will feed you, and clothe you, and give you money.  90) And he who feeds you, or clothes you, or gives you money, shall in nowise lose his reward.

In other words, you go out without a purse and without script, no purse or script.  Okay.  Now, you can see, I haven’t got much script.  With no purse or script.  And you rely upon the Lord to take you where you need to go so that you can be received and taken care of as you teach the gospel.  What do you teach?  Principles of righteousness, call people to repentance, tell them if they don’t accept this message, they’re going to be destroyed.”


“Do you know what they excommunicated me for?  For people coming into my home to talk about religion!  Do you know that James Faust and big Boyd Packer instructed Carlos Asay to tell me that I could no longer talk about Jesus Christ in my own home? 

D&C 88:77-78 And I give unto you a commandment that you shall teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom.   And how do you do it?  78) Teach ye diligently and my grace (my presence) shall attend you, that you may be instructed more perfectly in theory, What the crying out loud is a theory?  That a what if?  What if it works this way?  Or what if it works that way?  Good grief, if you did that in a Mormon class, you’d be chastised and excommunicated if you tried that. Well, read verse 91 And he that doeth not these things is not my disciple.   So if we don’t do it his way, I guess we’re not his disciples.  I guess that kind of cut all the Mormons out, didn’t it.  Their own scriptures crucify them, literally.  Okay.” 


“Let me tell you, we don’t take our job lightly.  This is serious business.  This is the work of the Lord, and we do the work of the Lord the way he has appointed.  And yet the world says, Oh Jim, you and your fellows are such mean people!  Well, tough!  We’re not looking for a bunch of grunts, around here.  We’re looking for the elect of Israel.  We’re looking for potential Kings and Queens, Priests and Priestesses.  We’re looking for those that can be exalted and be brought across the threshold into the throne room.  If we don’t do that, we can’t save a dying world.  We can’t prepare a world for the Redeemer to come to and this earth would be utterly wasted at his coming.”


“There are two churches only, Jim.  There’s only two.  Okay  There’s the church of the Lamb of God.  And then there’s the church of the devil.  IF the church is not the church of the Lamb of God, they’re the church of the devil.  Period.  That’s it, there’s no grey!  It’s black and white, period.  And that’s it.   Okay.  Every prophet foresaw it.”


“Every prophet looked forward to this special time right at the end, when all things would be gathered together in one.  This is the dispensation of what?  The fullness of times!  What does that mean?  Finish the work, once and for all!  But the Fullness means everything that’s ever happened on this earth must be brought into the present.  We draw from the past into the present to construct the future.  If you understood our work for the dead, it would blow your mind, because God is giving us the privilege of playing God. It’s the Genesis of a new world.  We’re getting the players ready to play those roles, for cryin’ out loud.  That’s what it is.” 


“I was standing in the Celestial Room, one day, waiting for Peter to finish his instructions in the Terrestrial Room and incidentally, we’ve had the Redeemer show up several times in the Terrestrial Room.  In fact, I was playing Eloheim, one day, and—in the garden room and the Redeemer showed up and put his right hand on my left shoulder and I about melted through the floor, and I forgot my lines.   You know, I was, you know, the tears, and poor Adam and Eve stood there and watched that and they saw him and they were just, you know, kind of upset things, we have to stop the endowment once in a while, when that stuff happens.  But anyway, I was waiting for Peter to finish his instructions, and we have an altar right in the middle of the Celestial Room, and I was standing there, and I leaned over on the altar and I turned and looked in a mirror on the East wall, and when I did, God gave me a vision of what my responsibility was with the boys at 47 East South Temple.  And I’m not going to tell you about it, right now, but it was something, and I got news for you, they go down in flames, big time.  That deception, when they are called into accountability, they will know that they’ve been had!  They’ve been caught in the trap and that they can’t get out.  There’s no way to buy their way out; there’s no way to wiggle their way out; there’s no way to bribe their way out; they are caught, called into accountability and then meet a flaming death.”


“Oh, I’ll show you one more thing over here.  Here we have God up here.  And here we have Satan, and okay, here you are, here you are right here.  This is you.  Now your job is to make a connection to God and get the truth and learn to live it so you can come back into his presence.  In comes old Satan, just like he did in the endowment and he says, worship me, and you say, Ah, no, I’m not that stupid.  And he says, well, okay, there’ll be somebody here to help you, and yet he does and he walks in here and he puts in this little guy right here called a preacher, right here, and he says, you pay attention to him and he will lead you.  Well, who employed this guy?  He (Satan) did.  That used to be in the endowment and it was plain to the mind.  Well, they got to be looking too much like the preacher, because, you see, a true servant of God, over here, what would he do?  He would help you by giving you truth, giving you ordinances, and empowering you and helping you to make your contact with God.  Well, instead, what the Mormons did, was just take this guy over here and put him right here.  And that’s it, you see.”