TLC Testimonies

Chris Layton

To my children and all who are humble followers of Christ I wish to tell the events that occurred to bring about my conversion.

I had a friend who I hung around with from the time we were sophomores at Brighton High School in Sandy, Utah. I always felt he was different from others. He was always the type of person who gave and kept on giving and never considered himself better than anyone else. During some rough times, he provided shelter for me by letting me stay at his home where he and his mom, 2 brothers and a sister lived for which I was grateful. I hoped that someday I could return the favor.

In March of 1990, I completed my mission to Hartford Connecticut and was married in June of 1991. At that time, I owned a home in West Valley Utah with my wife, LeAnn and new baby daughter.

Later on my friend needed a place to stay because his family was being kicked out of their residence in Sandy. He lived in our basement for about a year and it was great having him there. During that time, he had all sorts of strange materials on doctrines that I did not understand. One of which is the Adam-God doctrine. I read a little bit about it but whatever I read made me concerned. It was new information to me and although my drive to research it was not consuming as it would later be, it still presented itself as a question that eventually needed to be answered.

One Sunday, since I was the Secretary in the LDS Young Men’s presidency, I thought that I had better get some clarification on this doctrine since I was presenting a lesson to the deacons which dwelt on the character of God. I went to my Bishop to get some clarification on this point to which he had his son read some information supposedly relevant to the topic. Afterwards, he asked me if I agreed to which I said. In the state of stupor I still felt unsatisfied and was tired of beating the subject to death so I muttered “I guess so” and thus the matter was dropped for a time.

Approximately 3 years passed and my friend began to investigate a strange new church to me called the True and Living Church of Jesus Christ Saints of the Last Days. He told me of their doctrines to which each time he told me a new truth my initial reaction was shock. I would sit for days and let the idea stew in my head at first disregarding it and then somehow as the truth worked on me I would receive comfort. I wanted more than anything to tell my wife these truths that I had heard just to bounce the ideas off of her since I had not formed my own opinions about them to which she responded basically “how could that be?” Since I had not found out the truthfulness of these things or the falseness either, I found that I had to play the neutral arbiter role in presenting these truths to my wife who was from this time on beginning to seemingly become more uneasy as my efforts to learn these truths grew.

One day the bomb hit. My friend called and told me that he and his wife were leaving the Mormon religion and joining the True and Living Church of Jesus Christ Saints of the Last Days and were to be baptized. I was upset at this announcement and it worked on my heart for days. Sadly, soon after I decided that our long friendship was over and that his beliefs were dangerous to the harmony of my family and my LDS faith.  I called him and was polite to him but told him that I, “mourned your loss as if you had died” and with that we said goodbye for what I considered a permanent forever. Several weeks went by and life went on as normal. I had no intention of calling back my friend and had considered the matter closed due to the dangerous nature of his doctrines (how little I knew!)

I remember the day clearly when my wife said: “Why don’t you just call Harvey back? He has been a good friend to you and it just wouldn’t be right to abandon him just because of his beliefs.” I said: “Are you sure?” to which she said “yes”. From that moment on I changed.

I began to question the doctrines that he presented to me including the Adam God doctrine in earnest. I wasn’t so much concerned at the time of all the changes made by the LDS church over time as I was intrigued by all these wonderful doctrines being taught and just how much sense they made to my mind and heart. By this time, he had amassed a large volume of works from the past prophets revelations and I began to consume them as if I had been on a spiritual desert my whole life. I just could not get enough. I at this time was also explaining these doctrines to my wife and trying to convince her that there was something real here. She would hear my words that I said but seemed agitated at my inexhaustible zeal to teach her these things. I knew that this was beginning to make a tear in the fabric of our marriage and yet I had to learn more. At this point, I was literally consumed in my studies of the gospel principles. Because of this quiet contention I began to feel in our marriage, I began to not talk to my friend Harv until after my wife left the house to run errands and the gospel discussions would then commence often for hours. Sometimes we would go out to breakfast together so that we could just talk because I was learning so much that I had to talk to someone. I felt isolated in my efforts and if I couldn’t talk to someone about the church I would explode!

I learned of the prophesies of the apostasy of the Church in the last days and of the mighty and great one who would take the residue from the apostate church who were valiant and gather them again that they may again live the fullness of the gospel. I knew that the fullness included the New and Everlasting Covenant of marriage which was one of taking plural wives and how that all worked with putting the house of God in order and marveled at how this could work in the grand scheme of things. I also learned about multiple mortal probations which I had some concerns about up until the time that I went to the models lessons in Manti.

Each day my knowledge grew as I read more and more until the day I felt the overpowering influence of the Holy Ghost over my soul. I wept for joy and I knew that whoever the man was that was revealing these doctrines to me was sent directly from God. I knew then that James Harmston was a prophet and I could not deny the truths I had learned. I poured out my soul to God to give me further light and knowledge and I knew that I had to go to Manti to see the Models to fortify my soul that I may be prepared for the time when I would teach these beautiful doctrines to them in their fullness. Exactly at this time the opportunity I had been dreaming about was realized. I was accepted to the Loma Linda University Master of Physical Therapy Program in California in the fall of 1997.

I quit my job with IHC on a 3-day notice due to the short notice I received.  Loma Linda had called on Friday and I needed to report for class on the coming Monday. LeAnn was excited and I suppose she was relieved at the fact that I would be separated from my studies of the True and Living Church for 2 years.

I reported to the program director at Loma Linda on Sunday night to which she was very gracious in giving me a bed to sleep on and bought me groceries. I worked hard in my classes and was successful in my efforts. I made many friends who were of differing religions and some asked what the Mormons believed in. I threw in Polygamy to see their response but insisted I was not a Polygamist. I knew better that this was unrighteously removed from our faith.

Eventually the call came. Harvey told me that James D Harmston, the prophet, was to hold the Models lecture on the 3rd and 4th of October 1997 and I was ecstatic. I promptly booked a round trip ticket to arrive at Salt Lake on the 2nd to return on Sunday night the 5th.

On my final day in class I ran out of class with a hasty goodbye to my fellow students promising them that I would be back on Monday and that I had to fly back to Salt Lake for some “family business.” LeAnn took me to the airport and was being very good about the whole thing. I knew one thing for sure that when I returned home our relationship would never be the same again for better or worse and this realization was agonizing. I was filled with compassion for what she was going through but I could not comfort her at this time.

I arrived in Salt Lake at around 8:45pm where Harv was waiting for me. It was good to see him again and we went to Dees Family restaurant and he bought me dinner, We enjoyed each other’s company as we talked about events and gospel discussions to which I was anxious to begin.

The next morning Harv went to work so one of Harv’s friends drove me to the church to begin the lectures at 10:00 am. The Models were then presented by the prophet who took an interest in me questioning, drilling and probing my spirit. I felt like he was as the refiner’s fire and as he challenged my belief system, I learned and I grew and I knew that though he spoke sternly and his words were divisive like a two-edged sword hewing down those who were high minded and easily offended while sharpening the minds of the true seekers to a razor-sharp awareness of our duty.

The prophet presented the plan with utter clarity to my mind and I was inspired with the beauty and magnificence of a once flat 2 dimensional plan of salvation to a robust 3-dimensional plan. Words cannot describe but it was GLORIOUS! My love for the My Heavenly Father Adam swelled within me and consumed every remaining doubt. I knew and do know that James is THE prophet of God who dispenses knowledge about the eternal plan without measure. When James concluded his teachings, he admonished all to come to Zion and to “plow a deep furrow.” I then felt the spirit press on the blades of my back and it took my breath away. First, I had worked very hard for the knowledge of these things in my study and after that the witness of the spirit sealed that testimony into my soul. I could not deny it. It was TRUE and I must come. At the close of the meeting I, filled with tears of joy, took James by the hand in the grasp of full fellowship and thanked him graciously.

The next day I went to my first official church meeting with the Saints and it simply strengthened my resolve. I knew then that I had forever changed. I employed the help of the Patriarch to give me a blessing because I knew that there was a good possibility that I would lose my wife and children. In the blessing, he blessed me that I would know what to say to the convincing of my wife of the plan of salvation as I now knew it to be. He also added that I was born with priesthood or the right to it. (D&C 86:9-10). I then turned and with tears streaming down thanked him deeply along with Kent Braddy. I was impressed by Kent because during the entire time thereafter the song  (“Touch My People”) he sang in church of the final gathering played endlessly in my mind bringing peace to my soul.

Sunday night at 10:00pm after missing the first plane I boarded the Delta 757 passenger jet for Ontario, California knowing that the prayers of the saints were following after me. I looked out of the window to the midnight heavens and said a silent prayer importuning my Creator for all the strength I needed and marveled at the beauty of the heavens and stars as they were more clearly seen far above the earth’s surface. God’s work is truly magnificent and ordered. I wept thinking of the message I had to deliver to my wife but the song of the gathering continued to play on in my mind bringing peace to my soul.

LeAnn knew that I knew, that James is God’s prophet because I had told her so when I called her on Saturday after the last models lecture. What she did not know was the thoroughness of my conversion and the extent of the decisions I had made. I told her that I had made a promise to my Heavenly Father that I was going to follow him and give up all that we had worked for to follow him; my education, chances for wealth, a beautiful home, and if needs be my family. After a while I felt my senses coming to me and at this point I do not know exactly what I said to her but whatever it was, it silenced her fears and tears as she began the process of understanding. I know I was able to explain many things to her that night and it worked on her soul as she slept on and off for short periods of time.

It was not until the next day that I did realize that the spirit had rested mightily upon her soul and she then began with me an insatiable search for knowledge. My heart rejoiced for I could see the light begin to shine from her countenance as the scales of disbelief fell from her eyes. She then began to recall all of the lessons that I had taught her prior to this point and they all came flooding back to her so that this time, she understood how the plan of salvation really works.

On Wednesday October 8, 1997, LeAnn and I removed our LDS garments which we learned were altered in such a way that they were not acceptable to God as a testimony that we do not believe in a god that walks in crooked paths, neither does he vary and we will no longer trust in the arm of flesh. We were preparing to enter into the true order of covenants that God has commanded us to fulfill and wear the true garment of the priesthood in its authorized pattern, down to the wrists and ankles and proper markings given by proper authority.  

All the years we have known our Prophet we have known him to be a good and a virtuous man of a greater power and comprehension of the gospel of salvation and exaltation than I had ever experienced. He loved his people, watched over them like a truly good shepherd. He didn’t seek for wealth or power over this people but he sought more than anything to lift them up in their understanding of the ways of God and how we might come to know Him. No one was more driven to meet the Lord than our Prophet James. He was far beyond any other mortal man. He exemplified pure and virtuous principles in every aspect of his walk with his God and to us it was as if God himself was in our midst and up on recollection now with his passing on September 27, 2013, I do believe that God truly walked and talked with us and that gives me great comfort.

I testify that all of these things I have said are true that you may search the scriptures yourself and come unto God and know Him as He truly is that it may prove your salvation and eventual exaltation in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

LeAnn Layton

This is my firm testimony of my conversion to The True and Living Church.

My name is LeAnn Layton and grew up in West Valley City, Utah in a strong LDS home. My husband and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple. We have both held various positions in the LDS church and have always an active member. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined something of such great magnitude could happen to me. Let me back up and give you a little bit of background. In April of 1997 some good friends of ours told us that they are joining the “True and Living Church of Jesus Christ Saints of the Last Days”. I was astonished and quickly jumped to conclusions and wondered why on earth they would do such a thing. All I knew about their church was that they were living the gospel as they were back in Joseph Smith’s time and that they were practicing their religion in Manti, Utah.

My husband, Chris, was intrigued by what his friend Harvey had to say about his new beliefs. I, on the other hand, did not want to hear about the deep doctrine because these teachings were new to me and they made me feel uncomfortable. I had always had a testimony of the LDS church and never had reason to question it. Chris was led by the spirit to seek these mysteries and he needed to find out if they were true or not. Chris at first did not speak to his friend for several weeks. Chris felt as if his friend had died. After awhile, it started to bother me that we would treat our friends like enemies just because they joined a new church. I persisted and told Chris to call them just to let them know that we would still accept them as our friends although we did not fully understand why they chose to leave the LDS church.

Chris continued to tell me some of the things that he was learning but I didn’t want to listen. It was very upsetting to me to have Chris start questioning the LDS church. We were always good standing LDS members and served in several church positions. We spent endless times discussing these new doctrines I had never heard of. I felt very uneasy because I did not have the answers like Chris did. Chris was so driven and wanted so desperately to talk to someone but I was not ready.

In July of 1997 Chris was accepted into the Masters Program for Physical Therapy at Loma Linda University. We immediately moved to California and we were excited to start a new adventure in life. I distinctly remember telling Chris that now he would not have to bother with that new religion anymore and just focus on school. Needless to say, Chris continued to read and study the doctrine and I could see a big change come upon him.

Harvey continued to keep in touch and informed Chris that the Models (which were taught by James Harmston) were being given the first weekend in October of 1997. Harvey made arrangements for Chris to fly to Salt Lake City and then he could attend the Models. I was very reluctant to let him go but I knew Chris had to find out for himself if that church was true or not. During that weekend Chris called me to see how things were going. I then asked him how he was and he said he had just been taught by “a true prophet of God.” I can’t say I was surprised to hear him say that but I was still stunned!

That night I cried and pleaded like I had never before to the Lord. I was confused and needed some answers quick. I needed a reassurance that I was not going astray and turned to the Lord for help. I knew I needed to continue to have faith and I knew deep down inside that everything would be all right.

Sunday evening I picked Chris up from the airport and from that moment he stepped foot into the truck I could strongly sense the change in him and his countenance seemed to glow. After we arrived home, Chris took me in his arms and we both just wept. I spoke some of my feelings then finally got the courage to ask him what he found out and exactly what he was going to do about it. Chris proceeded to tell me that he was overcome by the Holy Spirit and he knew James Dee Harmston was a true prophet of God. He continued and said that he made a covenant with God to go down to Manti and help re-establish the only true church on this earth.

I was in total shock! I did not know what to say and felt out of control. After regaining my composure, I started to calm down and listen to what Chris had to say. Chris proceeded to tell me he had agonized over this decision and he knew the possibility that he could lose his family. I knew it was my duty to listen to my husband because I have always loved and respected him. We have always had a great marriage and I knew Chris only wanted the best for his family and would do whatever God wanted him to do. Slowly the spirit worked upon me and I soften my heart. Chris continued to explain that God expects one to sacrifice everything in order to prove their willingness to serve Him. He also laid out the eternal plan of salvation and opened up the whole picture to my view. Chris related with great power the experiences he had from attending the Models along with his testimony. I could not help but be overwhelmed with all the knowledge and information he was giving me. I felt compelled to listen intently and continued to ask more and more questions to get a further understanding of the doctrines. That night as we prayed to God a overwhelming peaceful feeling rested upon my soul.

Needless to say I did not sleep more than a couple of hours that evening. My mind felt as if it was going to explode. The spirit was bursting in my soul and I knew it was the Holy Ghost within me testifying of the truths Chris had taught me. I spent a lot of time on my knees praying to God to give me a witness that this was the direction I should be going. As I prayed that evening I felt a overpowering spirit being consumed throughout my whole entire body. I felt as if I were on fire. I knew God had given me a witness that James Dee Harmston was indeed the only true and living prophet on this earth and He had restored God’s church in these last days. I felt as if I had truly awakened and my vision and path was so clear. Within three weeks we packed our things and gathered with the Saints in Manti.  We stepped out in faith and within days of arriving Chris found a job and found a home in Manti. Everything perfectly fell into place.  We were baptized on October 29, 1997.

In closing, I would like to declare my solemn testimony to the world. The LDS church is in a complete state of apostasy. They have transgressed the laws, broken the everlasting covenant and changed every ordinance that would ever establish a Zion society. I testify with firmness that James Dee Harmston has been ordained by God to establish His church in these Last Days. We are a small remnant of God’s elect and have been foreordained to reestablish Zion on this earth. We have been given the only true keys of the priesthood to open up the veil. I testify that through using the True Order of Prayer I have opened up the veil and have been in the presence of Diety.  I testify that Adam is God.  I encourage all to diligently seek for further light and knowledge and seek out the mysteries of God for yourself that you may find out for yourselves the truths I have in solemnity testified of.

“I say unto you, my sons, were it not for these things, which have been kept and preserved by the hand of God, that we might read and understand of his mysteries and have his commandments always before our eyes, that even our fathers would have dwindled in unbelief, and we should have been like unto our brethren, the Lamanites, which know nothing concerning these things, or even do not believe them when they are taught them, because of the traditions of their fathers, which are not correct.” (Mosiah 1:5)

Of these things I declare to be true, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Chuck Whicker

My parents joined the LDS Church when I was three years old, in 1959. Despite my young age, I can readily remember the immediate difference it made in our home. The air cleared up from the constant cigarette smoke in the house. We started going to church meetings regularly, and the various church activities provided much social and spiritual growth. I enjoyed it immensely from the beginning.

As I grew older, I felt very strong and sure of the church. I always defended it in the face of critics. Yet, as I studied the history of the church, I often yearned in my heart for those days when the church embraced so much more. I yearned to live consecration. I desired to live plural marriage, particularly as I witnessed so many cases of women who were left alone in a divorced state, or without ever an opportunity for marriage for one reason or another. I knew that plural marriage was designed to take care of “the widows and the fatherless,” and I thought it was interesting how this important principle had been given to Israel not just during times when the fullness of the gospel was established, but also during periods of preparatory law. It existed even when the Law of Moses was in effect. I pondered why this would be so, and came to realize it was for the protection of the women and children, so that they would always be adequately provided for both spiritually and temporally.

The more I read the discourses given by the early general authorities (such as those found in the Journal of Discourses), the more I came to realize, by comparison, that the current authorities were greatly lacking in the Spirit of the early prophets. I always felt disappointed when attending general conferences, as there seemed to be no greater insight, no greater teaching presented, than that which one might expect from the Pope or other mainstream Christian religious leaders. Yet, when I would read the discourses of Brigham Young, for instance, who always spoke without notes or planning, I always came away feeling nourished. These are the experiences that gradually brought me around to the point of full recognition that the LDS church had fallen away from her original calling and commission for establishing Zion.

For many years, I kept these observations and feelings quiet, except to express my concerns occasionally to my bishops, stake presidents, and to my older brother, my dad and a few others who I expected might be able to throw some insight and help me overcome my objections. I did not want to cause disharmony in the church, but at the same time I wanted to have my questions answered and my conscience satisfied.

Then one summer while living in Ogden, I got to know a neighbor woman who was from a polygamist family. She was the second wife of a man who was part of the Allred organization. I met her husband one day while shopping in a nearby store. As I shook his hand, I felt a warmth from him, and I noted that he did not seem to carry an evil spirit with him. So I asked if he would come to my home and give me an opportunity to question him. I went home and prepared for his visit by organizing my thoughts, trying to come up with all the teaching and logic I had been brought up with to defend the LDS position on plural marriage. But I found this man was able to confound all my previous understanding; for he was truly able to show supporting scripture for every teaching that he gave. I soon came to realize that the scriptures given through the Prophet Joseph Smith are ample evidence against many of the current justifications used by the LDS church against plural marriage and other aspects of the gospel which she has abandoned.

I investigated the Allred group. Because I felt it to be a step upward, I asked for baptism. But I found an immediate hindrance to this desire. It felt to me as if most of the leading brethren lacked the Spirit. They would speak with no greater power than the LDS general authorities. Owen Allred, the head of the group, seemed to possess more of the spirit than most the rest of them, but I sensed that the rest of them were somewhat irritated with Owen. I was interviewed, but never baptized. Had I not found the TLC, I probably would have been baptized into the Allred group. But, when I witnessed the power of utterance, I knew Jim Harmston was a veritable prophet of the Lord. Like Joseph and Brigham, he could speak for five or ten hours at a time, without notes or planning, and keep me enthralled with eternal perspectives. No other man had come anywhere close to the spiritual power this man manifested on a consistent basis.

I have ever since witnessed, time after time, this same gift manifested by the leadership of the TLC. The heavens truly have been opened to them, and to us as a people. The fruits make it obvious. I testify that there was never any greater gifts or fruits manifested by the Prophet Joseph Smith than those which are manifested by the current leadership of the TLC. I have personally partaken of those gifts, and enjoyed an steady increase of insight and spiritual power on a personal level as well.

I know that this is the work of Joseph Smith. He is the one directing this work. He possesses the keys of this dispensation, and is doing as he always said he would. The prophecies are answered and fulfilled in the things that are going on here. We are the remnant of Israel who will close up the work, establish Zion, and receive the Savior. I know this to be true, for there is no other organization that compares to this one in teaching, insight, or priesthood power. All others fade in the light of this work. The power of God is manifested here, and will not go unnoticed or unrecognized by those who are pure in heart. I so testify in the name of Jesus Christ.

Melvin J. Rogers

I am Melvin J Rogers and I have been a member of the TLC since it started. I am a High Priest. I am 81 years old, but I am still able to raise a garden and help my wife in the house.

I feel humble to relate what I am about to say. But since we have been asked to submit some of our spiritual experiences, I feel it is my duty to respond and my joy.

After my wife, Edith Nell, had been gone for a year, I was beginning to respond to life about me once more. The Lord had been good and had brought a great deal of comfort to me, but I knew the time had come for me to go on with my life. Thus, I began to socialize and to meet another good woman who would make a good wife and us be happy together by living the gospel. It must be understood, that after my first wife left me and taking our children with her, it so disrupted my life that I soon turned inactive in the Mormon Church and gave way to many evil temptations. Pain and sorrow can do this sometimes if a person is not careful or that grounded in the gospel. So for a number of years I was careless, seeking only pleasure, such as hunting, fishing, boating and other things of this world.

My wife and I decided to return to church. We sang in the choir and were quite happy in doing so, but it was not long until Satan won out and had soon beguiled us into joining a square dancing club-though it was a great pastime, yet it completely took over our lives. Now, here is my testimony- when the club began to focus their lives on the more worldly interests and had ceased to find enjoyment in dancing, but turned to changing partners and trading wives, THANKS BE TO GOD this is when we left the dancing club and moved from Phoenix to Snowflake, Arizona.

My wife and I were trying to reorder our lives and to become active again when she took sick and she continued to grow worse until she passed away in January of 1985. Her dying request was for me to have the temple work done and her sealed to me. I promised Nell I would do this. It was not long until I became very active in the Church and I think I never prayed so much in my life as I did following her death. I had to somehow find peace and comfort. I knew there could be no other way but to get back into the church and change my ways of inactivity.

One early morning, a neighbor lady, June Nichols, came to my home and asked if I would be interested in meeting her sister. Sure, I knew there would be no harm in this. I met Maurine and found her to be a very wonderful woman. Now I had three choices in my mind-my Father wanted me to marry a young woman, and raise another family. I was considering a middle aged woman, and then there was Maurine. It was then, that I took myself away from home, walking about two miles to the West of Snowflake to a knoll of cedar trees, and there for about two weeks I knelt by some small trees and asked the Lord what I should do. Then it happened.

One day, it was about one and one-half years after my wife Edith Nell had died, I was up on the roof of my house repairing a leak, when I started to cry. I wondered why, because I thought that I had gotten over crying for her. Then a still small voice said to me, “Love Maurine and be good to her, for she is very special to me.” From then on there was no doubt in my mind, for I felt I had been instructed from the Heavens and that I would have a very enjoyable life with Maurine. Of course you can see why I married her, because she is an “Angel.”

I realized that it is through the Gospel in its Fullness that we will obtain the blessings of exaltation and eternal life. I knew from that experience the Lord had a mission for me to perform.

We married August 1, 1986, and our lives were immediately centered around the Gospel, and after ten months of marriage we were called on an LDS mission to the Canada Halifax Mission. Here we spent two wonderful years microfilming all the County records throughout the Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island (in part).

After returning home I proceeded to build a new house as I had promised Maurine I would do.

We were planning to go on another mission, but Maurine’s health failed. She was ill for two years. This of course prevented us from going on another mission. But again, the Lord was watching over us and teaching us continually- though we did not realize it then, we now know He was preparing us where we are at today. Therefore, I gave up my worldly possessions to answer the call to the Gathering.

We have been here for a year now and we have gained a great amount of light and knowledge and we believe that our Church Authorities in THE TRUE AND LIVING CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF SAINTS OF THE LAST DAYS are called of God to complete the work of these last days. This is my testimony of the truthfulness of this Gospel in the name of Jesus Christ.

Another time, I was dreaming at night in my bed, about two months before we moved from Snowflake to Ephraim, when I saw two men dressed in buckskin clothes, and wearing fur caps. They had short dark beards and spoke with a strange accent. I asked them who they were, and they said, “We are scouts from the North Country.” Then they disappeared, and this woke me up. I have wondered if they have come from the Ten Tribes, to locate places to live.

Another time, I was awakened from a deep sleep with my bedroom full of light. There was a message given, but I do not remember now just what it was, for I was frightened. I only mention this because I know the Lord has been merciful to me – even through all my mistakes He has never lost sight of me. There were other times which I did not at the time fully understand when I experienced special happenings. I am a blessed man.

We are convinced that the LDS Church has apostatized from the teachings of Joseph Smith, and has lost its chance of ever becoming a ZION people.

They have transgressed the law, changed the ordinances and broken the everlasting covenants.

They do not live the LAW OF CONSECRATION, as we do, and they have gone over to the ways of BABYLON AND THE WORLD OR SATAN.

We are THE REMNANT that was prophesied of by many prophets that would come out of the MOTHER CHURCH, IN THE LAST DAYS, TO COMPLETE THE WORKS OF CHRIST, AND SAVE THE EARTH FOR HIM.


I am sure that if we live the LAWS HE IS TEACHING US, we will gain our Exaltation.


Maurine R. Rogers

How does one know for sure the exact time when changes are taking place in their lives for good? I feel that for many years the Lord has been preparing me for where I am today.

I was just ten years old when my father passed away. Two months later when at a little country school, I was walking one beautiful autumn morning to the outdoor “restroom” commonly known as a crude boarded backhouse toilet. I was walking northward from the schoolhouse, when all of a sudden a most joyous sensation took possession of my being and then just as suddenly, it changed to the sweetest sadness and soon I felt the outburst of warm tears streaming down my cheeks and I wondered what it was all about. I did not want to have the spirit of the occasion leave me, but of course it did. When that happened I remember thinking: ” My life will never be the same again,” and it never was.

I now feel sure that it had to be the Holy Ghost trying to teach me at an early age how to detect the Spirit.

About a year later, when with my little brothers and sisters we were putting on a little play outdoors on a pleasant summer evening for our parents, I needed something white to dress myself in as a fairy. Mother directed me to an old wooden barrel where in the bottom I would find some old white window curtains. They were of a fancy voile fabric, and I was thrilled, but all of a sudden at the very bottom of the barrel my eyes caught sight of a small white pamphlet with the figure of an angel blowing a trumpet. Again, that same joyous, happy spirit thrilled my soul as I in haste grabbed that little book and began to look through it, and after that exciting moment my sisters and I made me a paper trumpet; then wrapped in white curtains I stood on a box against a small cedar tree, and thought I was portraying the figure on the pamphlet.

Within a day or two I had completely devoured that little booklet, Parley P. Pratt’s A Voice of Warning, and I might say that I have loved Parley P. Pratt ever since.

From this very early beginning I began searching through the house for any church book, and soon choose the book, Brigham Young Discourses. This book was owned by my stepfather, and he was so happy to know I was becoming interested in wanting to read that he accordingly located several wonderful books of early Church histories and suggested others for me to read. One I have in my possession today, One Hundred Years of Mormonism, by John Henry Evans. From that time on I loved to read the spiritual books of these early days of the church. Through the years that drive and thirst for spiritual learning has never left me.

family who were among the early day pioneer settlers in Salt Lake City, Utah. My Father In Law, Jesse Nelson Perkins II, had a sister, Rhoda Perkins, who became a plural wife of the Apostle Brigham Young Jr. I would sit with this good man for hours time and time again, listening to the stories and truths of the early day Gospel principles he so lived–and taught. More than once Father Perkins would express disappointment over how the Church had changed and departed from the early day teachings of the Church. He sorrowed over this. So much of my early learning came from the lips of a man who was well acquainted with the truths of Joseph Smith, which he taught, and the lives of those great Prophets which came to Utah and lived the true principles of the Gospel.

For twenty years I lived with his son, Jesse Nelson Perkins III, and after being widowed for two years I met another man who had been raised with the early stalwarts of the Church-Charles Ora Wight. He was the 26th child from a polygamous family. Another good man, and as with the first, there were obstacles towards perfecting ourselves. We strived continually to grow in the Gospel–all the time realizing that changes were being made in the Church. But what could be done about it? Surely a Prophet would never be allowed to lead the people astray?!

After the death of my second husband, I continued to work in the Arizona LDS Temple until I was called on a mission to Florida. I was unable to complete this mission because of falling one day when proselyting and breaking my left hip–this terminated my mission when only half finished. It about broke my heart, but as I now look back I know that once again my Heavenly Father was only training me for greater things ahead.

After eight years of widowhood, I met my third sweetheart, Melvin J. Rogers, and after five months of a lovely courtship, we were married August 1, 1986. So, now from this early background of my life, I will continue to give an update on my marriage to Melvin and of our lives together and our reason for being in this Sanpete Valley.

As stated before, I was a strict MAIN STREAM MORMON. Another one of those that thought the Lord would never allow this people to be led astray. Now, without going over a lot of vast detail, (which I certainly could offer in a very interesting fashion!) I will not do this today, but will be as brief as possible.

Melvin and I had returned in 1989 from having served a wonderful two year mission in microfilm work for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My good husband Melvin Rogers had promised me a new home–a lovely house that we could retire in and spend the remaining years of our lives together–perhaps doing Temple work if the Lord willed it so to be, or, to serve another LDS Mission. Our plans and hopes were filled with joyful anticipation for a wonderful future in Snowflake, Arizona.

After eight months the lovely new home was finished-but we were only privileged to enjoy its comfort and beauty for 2 ½ years when we were called to gather with the Saints in Manti, Utah. Our plans for a happy future living in Snowflake were not in accord with our Heavenly Father’s plans.

Shortly after the house was finished, I took very sick and was admitted to the hospital for a serious stomach surgery, plus other complications. When entering at the gates of death’s door, and viewing the unspeakable beauty of such glorious scenes of peace, joy and supreme happiness, it was then that I realized my life’s mission was not yet finished. Thus, I was brought back to life and the realization that all we had earlier planned would not so soon be realized, as it required two years for my recovery and by that time the Heavens were opening up other avenues for us to follow. My convalescing period was a very trying time for us to endure. However, with our faith to sustain us, we were able to do much reading, and by praying constantly for renewed courage and strength, it soon came to us both. When we look back now on those days of trial, we now know it proved to be one of the greatest blessings to come to us. (The M&M kids–as we were so commonly called in those days.)

It happened that we were reading one night in the Book of Mormon for the twelfth time. We were suddenly shocked with the realization that we were learning some different and entirely NEW concepts of understanding this great book to what we had ever before understood. This puzzled us, and it continued to plague us to such an extent that we asked an LDS High Priest to give us a special Priesthood blessing. In the blessing we were told that the time had come for us to learn further Light and Knowledge and that it would be given to us in many ways, even by people bringing materials to read and other sources. This we testify was literally fulfilled. Information simply began to flow into us and we could hardly have time to read it fast enough.

We began to wonder, then, how it could mean that we were going on another LDS Mission, because we were quickly learning that much of the gospel truths of the Mormon Church were not the same as the Prophet Joseph Smith taught, nor was it any longer being lived as the early day Saints lived its truths after entering the Great Salt Lake Valley of Utah. It was then that many wonderful things began to happen.

Our Spirits were soaring for knowledge, reaching as high and as broad and as deep as we knew how to do, in an effort to satisfy zeal and tremendous drive for gaining every bit of understanding we could possibly find, in which to fill the hunger of our souls.

In September 1993, we stopped in Manti to listen to one of Jim Harmston’s Models seminars. We had made this stop on our way to a Missionary Reunion–(The Canada Halifax Mission), which was being held in Layton, Utah. Our niece, Pearlene Geiger, asked that we would bring her to the Models, and in promising her we would do so, we decided between ourselves that we would also attend the first Model. My testimony today stems from that one early morning when we spent the entire day listening to Jim’s words. The spirit bore witness to me that every word he spoke was truth! I knew it!

However, we left the early the next morning for Layton, and to attend the gathering of many missionary friends. This was truly a pleasure, but to this day I still feel the strange sensation which pervaded my being. I was viewing my friends with an entirely different view, and very much estranged from what I had previously, yet without meaning any ill offense toward these sweet people, I could not feel they were as genuine as I had known or thought before. This night they were dressed in their very fine apparel and jewelry-(as I too was dressed), and for all their fine manners that this would portray, it failed to produced the warmth and love and gladness of heart that we hoped to feel. I thought, “where behind their social graces facade were the true and loving greetings we were seeking from these once very much loved and humble Missionary Friends?”

We came back to Manti very disappointed and with a heavy heart, for I loved those sweet people. We went to the Models on Sunday, and the witness was more powerful than ever that we were learning the Higher Light and Knowledge, that we simply had to hear more of it In March we made another trip. The time had come that we had to make up our minds which way we would go. We continued to study and to pray in the True Order. Thus the decision was made.

In June we returned to receive our Endowments, having no intentions to move until next spring. However, the Spirit immediately moved upon us to do some house searching-and the second house we looked at was miraculously obtained for us! This was another witness, and then followed one after another from then on. We realized our decision would require much courage, some mighty prayer at the altar, and a tremendous amount of faith. I had earlier received a special Priesthood blessing from Jim Harmston, and now the words of that blessing were falling into place. Nine months later, his uttered words, “Therefore, dear sister, thou shalt be called to a gathering”, came true. A Prophet? YES indeed, and we revere him as such today. We love Prophet Jim Harmston.

That September we returned to be in attendance at the first Conference. It was then Melvin and I brought with us our first load of furniture. We drove a 17ft. U-Haul truck and trailed our car behind us as it, too was loaded to the brim. When we returned to our home in Snowflake, it was not easy to see the empty spots and to realize that we were actually leaving. I struggled for days over the thought of giving up my beautiful, spacious home that my sweetheart had built for me–OH! OH!, Satan surely knew how to pull at my heartstrings! What a tremendous step, it wasn’t easy, but a step I knew had to be taken. Once I cast the heartbreak aside and petitioned the Heavens for strength, we truly did receive help and comfort beyond the veil. I soon began to feel the presence of many unseen beings. Just Men and Women made perfect, it had to be. I would be awakened in the night time, hearing my name called, “Maurine, Maurine!” Several times throughout the days I would hear the same calls and would ask my husband if he called or did he hear anyone call me? I would be working in my kitchen and could often hear voices and soft talking, and I felt their presence around and near me, even turning my head from right to left and completely turning myself about in order to see that person or holy being that I knew was hovering near. I would go to assist my husband in the corn field, gathering all the many delicious vegetables, and they were hovering about me. We had yard sales, many of them in an all out effort to obtain the needed means to complete our moving. Regardless of what it was we did toward packing, little miracles would constantly take place and we knew help was coming beyond our own judgment and strength. It was a marvelous experience! This spirit was manifested totally and completely until we reached our home in Ephraim, Utah on November 3, 1994.

By the time we left our home and property in Arizona, our hearts were comforted, and we left without shedding a tear. Those of the Holy Order had done their part well, and here we are now in among the gathering and are still receiving of their comfort and of their strength. We are learning and growing beyond words to express–and we are so very thankful to be here. We love the members of this Church. They, like ourselves, are struggling to live the Gospel, to learn and all grow together. I know God is watching over this people and that He is directing the Authorities through Pure Revelation to take over and bring to completion the mighty restoration that the Prophet Joseph Smith began. I have watched the Spirit move upon Jim Harmston. I have watched the Spirit move upon the leaders of the Women’s Society. I have witnessed the Heavenly glow which radiated from every countenance of our dear Apostles. I witnessed the young men and women develop their character by maturing beyond their years in spirituality. I love witnessing the little children, who grow with the love they are given. reflecting it back to each of us through their innocence and smiling little faces so dear. I love them all.

Yes, I have witnesses the Spirit of Order as the Authorities have organized the Priesthood, the Bishopric, the Stake Presidency, and all other offices of the Priesthood. I marvel over the way each one is chosen so perfectly to fit the call they are so suited for. All bearing again the witness of how God works and the Holy Order of Things. I have witnessed plural marriages and I have heard their testimonies. I have watched and seen them grow. All beautiful women–each one trying to fulfill her role as a plural wife. I know at times I have felt their struggle and wondered if I could conquer and do as well. I love and admire these faithful, good women and know they will reap a great reward one day. I realize that it may be the next step for my husband Melvin and I to take. With this realization, we both know that we have got to study and know much more about it and of what will be required of each of us to be completely prepared. We know it is a true principle and even in our old age, we must comply with if we are called to do so. We have the Faith to know, that if it is to be, the Lord will bring the right woman to answer this call, and that we will love her. Aside from all this righteous reasoning from my convictions, I know my weaknesses. After all, I have been the sweetheart and pampered by three loving husbands, and now to think of other wives! Well, YES–for I know my husband and that he is full of love and capacitated to love many women–why then, must I be so selfish as to not want this good man to give of himself and that love to another that might be lonely and needing to be sealed for the eternities? I pray, and so does Melvin, that if it comes, we both will be faithful, valiant, and noble enough to meet the challenges, thus the blessings which are meant to be from the Higher Law of Celestial Plural Marriage.

I would like to close with the following excerpt from my journal from a couple of years ago:

Saturday. It is now 12:03 midnight, we are home from Fairview and the Endowment House where the Solemn Assembly was held. What we heard there and was revealed, the Spirit bore witness to me that it is true and I know it will be done. What a glorious day it will be! Today has been a turning point in my life. OH! How privileged we as a family are! The first session of the General Conference and I was called to give the closing prayer. Melvin was asked to respond about his feelings regarding the prayer, he cried and was very touched by the Spirit. He had the privilege of calling the Hosanna Shout tonight. Our Grandson Christopher Rogers was made the secretary and council member in the stake presidency. OH! How does the tongue express or give adequate thanks to the Heavens of all we were taught and witnessed today? How blessed we are to be members of this the True and Living Church. Oh the glory and the beauty I have experienced since being here!

This IS my testimony and I leave it with you now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Jeannine Hamblin Larson Harmston

I wish to declare my testimony to the world. To do so, I must touch upon my past as it has been a great force for good in the molding of my character. Although raised in a below middle-income home I was surrounded throughout my childhood by wealthy relatives whom I adored and loved with all my heart. The dinner table and family reunions were places of wonderful conversation where knowledge and humor flowed abundantly. God truly blessed me in my early environment. My immediate relatives were doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers, writers and leaders of every kind both in community and church. To me they were glorious people. They were my life and saved me from much of the adverse effects caused by the divorce of my parents when I was three years old They saved me from the hell I endured living with a wicked stepfather from the age of eight until I was almost eighteen. The presence of this stepfather in my life, gave me the opportunity to develop a great deal of self-discipline and patience. The trials that he put into my life turned me towards my Father in Heaven more than any other single factor.

I was born into the LDS religion and lived it devotedly for fifty-three years.

My love for and belief in God was strong and powerful in my soul even at a very young age. Often I would lay upon my bed at the age of seven, eight and older and feel tremendous emotion and longing for my Heavenly Father

When twelve years old, I received my first witness of the spirit that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was true. That witness was clear and powerful and I have never forgotten the burning of my bosom that Sunday afternoon. I had just finished reading a small fiction book called, “Added Upon,” which touched upon pre-existent life and the Plan of Salvation. I laid the book aside as I lay upon my bed and felt the Spirit of God rest down upon me and consume me for a short period of time. Tears began to flow and I wept at the realization of the truth. It was not emotion that caused me to weep. It was the actual presence of the holy spirit that caused my tears.

My life centered around the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Married at the age of seventeen, I eventually brought forth ten very excellent children. At the age of 24 and after bearing three children, I had a most extraordinary experience. It was a supernatural experience which changed my soul. It is described in the Book of Mormon as a Baptism of Fire. It was a great event of spirit and power and was repeated three nights in a row.

During those three periods of time I experienced: the presence of Satan and his demons who were there to discourage me; the testimony to my soul of the Atonement of Jesus Christ; the cleansing of my own blood to pure Israel; a forgiveness of all my sins; a burning out of all desire to sin; and the teaching of many things to my soul by the holy spirit. I became a new creature and, upon my return to the LDS meetings….I felt a stranger to them. Their understanding was shallow and my nature had so been touched by the power of God that I was unable to converse with people about the things I had learned. In eight days I read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover and the Spirit taught my mind and heart the deep meanings of those scriptures as I had never understood them before. I became filled with a great love of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a deep appreciation of my Savior and His great sacrifice for mankind. These were emotions that I had never felt passionately before. Now I did…and it seemed to divide me off from friends, family and even my husband.

After my Baptism of Fire I realized that there was a difference between the “Church of Jesus Christ” and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Recognizing that difference was vital in my spiritual progression.

As the years went by I learned to mask my soul from those around me. Because I could not talk to people about what I had experienced and because I felt alone in my feelings I began to search in secret. I said the things that others wanted to hear and became the woman that people wanted me to be, but my soul searched for the truth. I knew that the LDS Church was not teaching me the truth about the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the Holy Spirit told me so and I could not deny it. Whether the Church was hiding or changing truths, or was simply ignorant of God’s truths, I knew not. I was simply waiting for God to reveal His truths to me. And He did.

Twenty-nine years after my Baptism of Fire, I was gathered by the power of the Spirit to Manti, Utah. It is a place anointed and dedicated for the work of the Last Days. The ancient Prophet Moroni and the Prophet Brigham Young were those prophets who dedicated Manti for the Gathering that is taking place here now.

The events that brought my husband and I and our children (both single and married) to Manti, Utah to experience the class called the “Models” that James Dee Harmston teaches, were orchestrated most powerfully by the spirit of God. It would take me many pages to tell of those events. God directed our lives and brought us here. I sat for 24 hours and listened to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as restored and delivered to us in the forepart of this dispensation by the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. I listened to the facts of history and holy scripture that showed clearly the beginning of the apostasy of the Mormon Church one hundred years ago. My Father in Heaven gave me clear personal revelation that the Mormon Church took the same path as the ancient Catholic Church and reached complete apostasy in the same amount of time…..about 165 years.

As the “Models” came to an end, I felt a powerful feeling and awareness of familiarity with the doctrines and principles that had been taught–namely the laws of: Plural Marriage, Consecration, Multiple Mortal Probations, Law of Adoption, True Order of Prayer, Priesthood Garment, Patriarchal Priesthood Order, Gathering, Gifts of the Spirit, and Rebaptism. All had been abandoned by the LDS Church because of their desire to be popular with the world. Yet, all these laws were essential to establish Zion. How can a people establish that which they have been commanded to do when they have given away all the tools necessary for the job?

The power of the Lord came upon me, and I knew what I must do. My husband and children knew what they must do also. I had loved the LDS Church all my life. I had taught my children to do the same. I lived in a small Mormon community that I loved dearly. But even more, I loved my family. I loved my relatives with such a powerful and overwhelming love that it was the laying down of my family that I knew would cause the most pain to my soul. I began to understand completely the words of Joseph Smith Jr. in his Sixth Lecture on Faith.

5. For a man to lay down his all, his character and reputation, his honor and applause, his good name among men, his houses, his lands, his brother and sisters, his wife and children, and even his own life also, counting all things but filth and dross for the excellency of the knowledge of Jesus Christ, requires more than mere belief, or supposition that he is doing the will of God, but actual knowledge; realizing, that when these sufferings are ended he will enter into eternal rest; and be a partaker of the glory of God………….

7. Let us here observe, that a religion that does not require the sacrifice of all things, never has power sufficient to produce the faith necessary unto life and salvation; (Joseph Smith, Lectures on Faith 6:5, 7)

(I encourage you to get this Six Lecture on Faith and read it all).

This religion that I have gathered to has passed the test. It has required the sacrifice of all things and I bear testimony to the world that it does have power sufficient to produce the faith necessary unto life and salvation. I declare my testimony that God has gathered a remnant of His children to a place that has been anointed and dedicated by ancient prophets for the restoration of Israel and the establishment of Zion because the LDS Church has turned down the job! God has brought forth those of his children that he could depend upon to turn from the world and do that job. He has brought forth His family who made covenants before they came to mortality that they would find the truth and declare it.

Martin Luther once said,

“No greater mischief can happen to a Christian people, than to have God’s word taken from them, or falsified, so that they no longer have it pure and clear. God grant we and our descendants be not witnesses of such a calamity.”

Joseph Smith Jr. gave a warning to the people found in Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, page 18:

….for the Lord will have a place whence His word will go forth, in these last days, in purity; for if Zion will not purify herself, so as to be approved of in all things, in His sight, He will seek another people; for His work will go on until Israel is gathered, and they who will not hear His voice, must expect to feel His wrath. Let me say unto you, seek to purify yourselves, and also the inhabitants of Zion, lest the Lord’s anger be kindled to fierceness. (TPJS, p. 18)

It is my testimony that God’s children who have gathered to Manti by the direction of the Lord are “another people” that Joseph spoke of. We are here by His hand and His spirit and power has sustained us. I bear testimony that God’s spirit and direction has been in my life daily for five years now. God sustains those who stand for His truths and do His work. I have felt His presence. I have heard His voice. I have witnessed His miracles in my life. I have received His comfort, peace and love to my soul. I cannot turn from that which I have received, or I would be damned.

The clues are everywhere throughout the scriptures and the teachings of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and John Taylor that what we are doing here in Manti is exactly what God said would happen. And it is happening by His hand! The LDS Church has laid down the mantle and turned aside from the responsibility of the redemption of Israel. We have accepted that responsibility.

I have received spiritual confirmation that James Dee Harmston is a true Prophet of God brought forth and given the keys to call Israel to repentance, to give warning, to teach the Fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to establish, once again, God’s Church upon the earth. Fear of authority, family and friends will keep the majority of Israel from seeking out these truths. They will cling to the false precepts that “God will never let His prophets lead his people astray”; that they must “change with the times”; and that “prosperity must surely be righteousness”.

My family, friends and some of my children are mourning my “folly”. My sacrifices have come as sure as clockwork: a family unity that I worked for 35 years to build; my good name and reputation in a community that held me in esteem for that same 35 years; my credibility and position in the LDS Church; the respect of hundreds of family members; my place in the great Edwin Marion Whiting Family Organization; my home, social position, beloved holiday traditions of our family, most of my personal possessions, and the respect of some of my own children.

Yet…..why do I feel such a deep and abiding peace and joy to my soul? Only God can give the kind of peace that I feel. Nor have I ever felt such a joy as I have felt in coming to this place. These feelings of peace and joy have nothing to do with the people around me or the trials that face me here. These are gifts from God. The fact that He has given peace to my soul is a witness that He approves of my actions and He is with me. If He is with me, then these are His truths. It is His truths that will save this dying world…..a world that does not even understand what I am saying right now.

For this reason, I am here in Manti, to do God’s work and to bear testimony to a dying world that is soon to be saved, and I do it in the name of Jesus Christ, my Redeemer, Amen.

Matthew Larson

Matthew Alof Larson was born on January 9, 1978 in Pinetop, Arizona to Keith H. Larson and Helen Jeannine Hamblin, as the ninth of ten children. His family lived in Snowflake, Arizona where his father was born and raised, but through the effects of the spirit upon his parents, they moved to Monett, Missouri when he was just a few months old.

Before Matt reached the age of two years, the family dog mysteriously attacked him, tearing into the right side of his face. This attack made upon his body is believed, by his family, to have been an attempt of Satan to take his life, seeing as how the dog had never before shown any signs of madness or violence. To this day the scars, that Matt received from this unfortunate event in his life, can still be seen.

A few years later, the Larson family moved across the Missouri-Kansas border into Pittsburg where Matt’s father worked as a dental technician. Matt went to his first year of school here at the age of six. In the very early stages of Matt’s life, he began to show forth evidences of a natural gift in the area of athletics. He was much more advanced than were kids his own age, and continued to be so as he grew older.

The summer after Matt’s first year of school, the family moved back to Snowflake, Arizona and his father worked as a school teacher at the local junior high. Matt began to live his life in Snowflake and he loved it. He loved the small, peaceful surroundings of the old Mormon Pioneer community, which was colonized under the direction of Apostle Erastus Snow in 1878. The Larson’s were one of the first families to settle there by the efforts of Matt’s great great great grandfather, Mons Larson, who was one of those that participated in the “Hole in the Rock” experience.

Matt and his family were very strong in “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.” His testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith was reached in these early years of living in Snowflake, and he continually looked forward to fulfilling a mission for the Church when he became of age. He sought to learn all he could through the scriptures and words of the prophets. This was always something he naturally desired to do. He loved the Lord, and had an insatiable desire to do what was right in all situations of life. His parents taught him the values and tools necessary for him to learn and grow quickly. They taught him the principles of the gospel and often held conversations, with him and his brothers and sisters, that pertained to the events of the Last Days. In fact, there was one time where a conversation of this nature was taking place and Matt asked his mother, “Mom, will I be able to play sports and finish high school before the second coming?” Being very young, he didn’t realize the fruitless irony of the question but what he asked, at that time, had always been something he feared throughout his childhood because of his desire to participate and succeed in school, and extra-curricular things as well.

One of the most powerful experiences in Matt’s life, was when he was eight years old and being baptized into the LDS Church. His father was confirming him a member and granting unto him the gift of the Holy Ghost, when at once he felt the strongest feeling that he has ever known. A peace enveloped his soul and he felt as though he were on fire. He learned later on, the magnitude and effect that this experience had upon him, for it guided him in understanding the power of the spirit of God in his life.

There was another gift Matt hid inside for the more part of his childhood. It was something that he loved to do and was thankful for having but, because of a streak of shyness that runs through the Larson genes, was frightened to show it forth. This gift was that of music. He loved to sing, and did so continually throughout the house driving his sisters crazy! They threatened him many times of planting a tape recorder somewhere, without his knowledge, and recording him so they could let others hear. Nevertheless, they did tell him he had a good voice, and that he should let others know that this ability existed within him. In the summer of his eighth year, his mother practically forced him to try out for the part of Winthrop in the town production of “The Music Man” that would be showing throughout the 24th of July Pioneer Celebration. With reluctance, he did try out and was given the part. This was the first time he ever sang in public.

As Matt grew older, his desire to do what was right grew also. He was a mature young man, even to the point of having a low tolerance for those who did not take seriously the things of God and who had no concern for others. Occasionally, there were times when others of his peers looked down on him because of his so-called “goodie-goodness”. They made fun of him at times because he would not participate in their wrongful and rebellious activity. For such reasons, he learned how to discern others, and became very cautious as to the choosing of his friends and with whom he associated throughout his life. He had the ability to find and make true friends, even life-long friends, with whom he enjoyed being with and doing things with. However, he felt more at peace when he was at home with his family. He considered this a blessing given to him, – of being more desirous to stay at home rather than to go out with friends.

Matt continued his schooling up through junior high and into high school. He improved upon his talents and participated in the Snowflake High School sports and music programs. As a sophomore, he was the back-up quarterback on the varsity football team and was the only one in his class to make the varsity basketball team. He was a pitcher on the baseball team also. In the music department, Matt made All-State choir both his freshman and sophomore years. His sophomore year he made Madrigals, which is the most advanced choir in the school. These were the things he had been waiting for all of his childhood, – to succeed in things he believed to be important and worthwhile. He had been raised up in the “small town” fantasy and was expected to perform and accomplish certain things. He had been raised up to meet the expectations that not only he had of himself, but that others had of him as well, even his parents, teachers, friends, and family members. He was in the perfect position to fulfill his duty in the tradition of modern LDS culture. Plans of graduation, a mission, and college were all certain. Everything was falling into place. All was going well, he thought, then something began to happen. –

In February of 1994, towards the end of Matt’s sophomore year in high school, a feeling began to commence in his attitude and disposition. This feeling was that of an overall disgust for everything around him. He recognized it, but could not understand it. It extended, of course, to all things school-related and even at home. It was very troubling to him; even to the point where it led him to quit the baseball team in the middle of the season because of a lack of desire. This was all confusing, for he couldn’t understand where such feelings were coming from or what was causing them. He found himself longing to leave Snowflake and get away from the traditional lifestyle. Something was missing in his life, and this had never occurred to him before because he always thought he had what he needed, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

The struggle Matt was having and the dramatic change of attitude that was consuming his thoughts and actions, soon began to show forth some unexpected, yet inspired, answers. Phil Savage, a friend of the family, had been close to his parents for a long time. He engaged in spiritual conversation with them often and discussed things that were not usually discussed between normal, modern latter-day saints. They were truth- seekers (if that is a good thing to call them). They studied and knew the laws of God to the point where they recognized that the most obvious characteristic of the LDS Church is the complete failure to live such laws; the failure of the people to live what they profess to believe. They saw the fruits of apostasy and, unlike others who rank in spiritual cowardism, decided to do something about it. Phil bore witness to them one day of a man in Manti, Utah who taught truth, of which could be called “the fullness of the gospel”. His name was Jim Harmston.

Throughout the winter of 1993, Matt’s parents attended “the models” (fullness of the gospel explained through symbolic representation) taught by Jim Harmston and were buried in the spirit of it’s truth. In the spring of 1994 was when Matt heard about it. It was then that he had been feeling something was amiss in his life, due to the general disgust he felt around him. He felt a strong desire to go listen to “the models” himself, for he agreed with the things his parents told him.

Matt first attended “the models” in March of 1994, and immediately he knew they were true. It made sense to him, and it felt more right than anything he had ever known. He became aware of the evidences of the LDS Church falling into a state of apostasy, ever since Wilford Woodruff was made leader of the Church. He recognized the compromises the Church made with the world, and the concessions to the government that took place under the leadership of Heber J. Grant. He was made aware of the changes in the garment of the Holy Priesthood, giving the Holy Priesthood to the cursed race in 1978, the changes in the temple ceremony in 1990, etc., etc.. – “Many more facts can be considered and many more of the follies of men can be accounted for, but the fact is – God does not change and the “falling away first” prophesied by Paul has been in effect for a long time. Weak men bolted under the pressures of others. Weak people didn’t have the courage to stand up and live the religion that our prophet Joseph Smith restored, in it’s fullness. They feared man more than they did God, and this has been the sad, continual state of affairs ever since. The people in the Church today have simply followed after the traditions of their fathers which, in and of itself, is a very dangerous thing. The Book of Mormon warns against this! The LDS, leaders and people, are following the same pattern of apostasy that occurred over thirty times throughout the existence of the Nephites. Things have become significantly worse over the years, since the late 1800’s, and Satan truly has gained control over his own dominion (D&C 1:35). The earth at this time has become the most wicked that it has ever been in any part of history. Satan is doing all he can to possess the hearts of every one of God’s children, but it is already too late. God has set his hand again, the second time, to recover the chosen remnant prophesied of in the scriptures, and has already begun to awaken those who will hear His voice and harden not their hearts, so that His purposes might be fulfilled in these Last Days.”

After Matt experienced “the models”, he wanted to take his place as part of the remnant. The excitement and peace he received as a result of having made known unto him the truths of God, and the relationship he knew he could have with God was overwhelming. – “The change of mind set on these doctrines of the gospel came so natural to me that I could barely remember or imagine how I used to think otherwise.” It is amazing how the Lord was preparing Matt for the models even before he knew about them. The frustration he felt at school and the troubles he went through, was all orchestrated for this reason, – that it might be an easier thing for him to leave and gather with the elect of God, instead of staying behind; trapped and bound to the traditions he grew up with, which are not correct.

Peace entered Matt’s soul as he began to learn more and more relating to the elements of the fullness of the gospel. He began to study the scriptures more diligently, and was surprised at how he could understand, more clearly, things that seemed harder for him to understand before. His purpose in life became obviously clear to him and he wanted to do everything he could to fulfill that purpose. Nothing else mattered to him. Nothing else could get in the way of that. Therefore, his glory days in Snowflake were over, and his aspirations in relation to sports, college, a career, etc. were not important anymore. He knew that a profound and definite change was in order, so he made the necessary sacrifices and left everything behind. He knew that God required him to lose his life, at least for now, so that he might find it again.

Matt came to the Sanpete Valley with his family, after school ended that year in May of 1994. He was baptized into the newly organized “True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days.” He lived with Doug Jordan and his family in Indianola for a while, until the fall of 1994. Then, he moved to Fairview and lived on Bart Malstrom’s property for about a year with his parents and younger brother Jared. It was there while living at the Malstrom’s, that Matt was ordained an Elder in the Melchizedek Priesthood, and was inspired to receive the Endowment on April 15, 1995. That fall, he moved to Manti with his family.

Manti has been Matt’s home ever since, and he is grateful to be a part of the work of the Last Days where all things are being gathered into one. He has currently been ordained a Seventy in “The True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days” and has served in the various priesthood offices of Elder, Teacher, Deacon, and High Priest. On May 11, 1996, he was married to Angie Koller, who is a daughter of Apostle Scott Koller. Their first child, a son (Chase Alof Larson), was born on October 16, 1997.

Matthew’s personal testimony

The truthfulness of this work is something that can be seen by the power of God evidenced in the activity that this people are engaged in on a continual basis. We are a people who have a correct understanding of what true happiness is, and we are seeking to obtain it.- We know how to obtain it! People out in the world search their whole lives to find out who they are; whether their lives have any meaning, yet they have no idea where to find such answers. Most of the things that people think make them happy, truly, do not bring happiness at all. People base their search for happiness on false perceptions, and they allow themselves to be deceived by ignorantly following strange and forbidden paths that will, ultimately, lead only to sin and death. There is but one strait and narrow path, one iron rod, and one gospel which is true. The fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way that we can find the answers to the questions that have to do with the welfare of our immortal souls. This “fullness” is taught and lived here in Manti. The fruits of the spirit of God are here, and only those who have eyes to see and ears to hear can recognize it. There is nothing more powerful than the spirit of this work. It is true!

The spirit has gathered, and is continuing to gather the elect of Israel to the “safe place” in the Last Days. We are the remnant being prepared, in heart and in mind, to perform the mighty works and miracles that will bring forth the reclamation of the House of Israel, the redemption of Zion, and the repossession of this earth prior to the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ, that He may be able to receive His inheritance, and that we might become joint heirs with Him. We are the hope of Israel, and the call to arms is extended to all those who have the ability to recognize the truth, for the message of truth is directed to the elect, even the elect who yet remain in the deep sleep that God has placed upon those who have rejected His laws (Isa 29:10). The rejection of His laws has been perpetrated by wicked men who are servants of the devil, even wicked leaders of “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” and other churches who have placed in the hearts of millions a false hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. The LDS Church has failed in her divinely-appointed mission to bring forth Zion, and has rejected every law that would establish Zion. She has, therefore, had intercourse with Babylon and has joined with the other churches of the world to become the whore of all the earth, even the great and abominable church of the devil (2 Ne. 28:18). The LDS Church, now, is no better off than the Catholic Church or any of the other churches that seek to become popular and “one” with the world. As a result of the LDS Church’s miserable failure to establish Zion, God has called forth a remnant, even “The True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days” – Us! We are striving to fulfill our mission as the foster mother (TLC), even the mission that the mother church (LDS) has failed to accomplish.

We have the true priesthood authority to fulfill this mission. It has been given by God, and is here among us in full power. All the keys to establish Zion are in our possession. Many claims of this nature, and things close to it, have been made over the past few generations, but Satan will always try to imitate or copy what God does, and he has succeeded with thousands, even millions of people. So what makes us the exception? Why does our claim hold more validity than claims that have been made in the past? What makes us more right than everyone else? Ultimately, the only way to determine the answers to these questions is by, first, obtaining an understanding of what we are all about and, then, by seeking for the power of the Holy Ghost to obtain a knowledge of the truth, for “by the power of the Holy Ghost, ye may know the truth of all things” (Mor. 10:5). Yet, most people do not know how to recognize the Holy Ghost. Most people tend to believe what they want to believe, and hear what they want to hear, and obey whom they want to obey. Most people tend to do things their own way, rather than God’s way. This is an unfortunate thing that takes place with almost all people, in whatever religion they belong to. – They do things their own way and not God’s way! They exalt their own perceptions and philosophies, and place such things ahead of the one true spirit, even the Holy Ghost, that God said we could use to establish the truth of all things. –

We, on the other hand, are actually doing things God’s way. We know how to do it His way because we know how to receive divine personal revelation from Him, through the use of the true order of prayer. We understand how to detect and recognize various spirits, and we use the keys that God has given us to discern between good and evil; right and wrong. We have done exactly what God has commanded us to do, and we have used His spirit to determine such things. No one here, in the beginning of this work, not even Jim Harmston, conjured up a plan to organize a church, or start giving an endowment, etc.. Everyone, from the beginning, came here because the spirit of God led them here. No one was fully aware of what God was going to do. There just seemed to be a general commonality of belief and understanding between those who were here. With everything that has happened, and with every step that has been taken in this work, there is no doubt that all things have been carefully orchestrated by the Lord, in every instance, and in every way. Thousands have arrived here and, because of their traditions and agendas, have made a departure shortly thereafter. Apostates have made themselves known on occasion. Enemies have attempted to thwart our efforts and derail us. Satan is fighting us, even now, and the world is not our friend. Yet, through all the trials, tests, dissensions, and strifes among us and against us we, the elect who remain, have held fast to what is true. We have continued to trust in what led us to Manti in the first place, even the spirit of God which is something that we know and experience daily. It cannot be ignored or denied, and our ability to recognize it is what makes us, as a people, singular in our mission for we know, by the spirit, that this is the Lord’s work and we are being led by Him. And furthermore, it is even a greater witness to us that this work is true, due to the fact that all the powers of hell are against us. If it were any other way, then we might have cause to doubt our standing position as God’s true Saints.

The evidence is clear for those who have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to understand. We have the power and authority that we claim to have. We can back-up and support everything we have taught, and everything we believe in. We are in absolute harmony with all the words of the prophets, that are written in the scriptures, as it pertains to the mission and calling that God’s elect have in these Last Days. We have all the spiritual ammunition to defend our position and stand up for the sake of truth and righteousness. It is often said among us that “the debate is over”. We know the truth, and that is just the way it is. Everyone else will find out sooner or later for God has influenced us, as His people, and has granted unto us wisdom and understanding, and before us “the wisdom of the wise shall perish, and the understanding of the prudent shall come to naught.” We are the ‘weak things’ of the world that shall come forth and break down the ‘mighty and strong’ of the world. We have no fear of man, or of what man can do. We only fear God, and we stand up to the world and declare that the wicked and idolatrous, which includes all those who have willfully rebelled against God, even Latter-Day Saints, Catholics, Baptists, and Muslims alike, will be destroyed. – Yes! They will be destroyed if they do not speedily repent! The words of the holy prophets in these Last Days are being delivered, and the condition that exists in the world now, is just as it was in Noah’s day, Lehi’s day, Alma’s day, and even in Christ’s day. Only a “few” will be saved, and many will be destroyed, for wickedness must needs be removed from this earth, that righteousness may prevail once again.

I testify, in the name of Jesus Christ, that James Dee Harmston is the “Elias” that has been sent to prepare the way before the Lord. He is the prophet, seer, and revelator that has been chosen to lead us to Zion and deliver us from Babylon, even as Moses did in ancient times. Jesus Christ is the Redeemer who has made it possible for us to obtain, not only salvation, but exaltation as well. Father Adam is the God of this earth. He is our Father, and we worship and pray to Him. I testify that we are living the laws that will establish Zion. We are preparing to receive the power that will bring forth the works of the Millennium. We are working to save this dying world, and our efforts are centered upon this task, which will be accomplished by obtaining the fullness of the priesthood and exercising it with the full power that is needed to fulfill the creation of this earth.

I do bear this solemn witness and testimony, for I have been in the presence of God, as one of His servants, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Jacques Dingemanse

Hello. My name is Jacques Dingemanse. I reside in a small rural Mormon community in south central Utah called Fairview, originally known as North Bend. I was raised in the LDS church and grew with that clouded belief system. It wasn’t until I got out of high school and joined the work force that I began to see things in the LDS ward I belonged to that troubled me. There was more infighting, back biting and superficial nonsense in the Mormon church, than there was in the trade union I belonged to at that time.

Around this same (the early nineties) my mother and sisters became involved in a study group that would later be organized into the True and Living Church. My mother continually tried to get me involved in this study group. But from long experience of watching her get involved in things that were a waste of time, I wouldn’t even consider the study group. The True and Living Church had already been organized for a couple of years before I finally consented to seeing the models.

It was mid-summer 1996 when I finally attended the models. The truth that was revealed to me in those two days was undeniable. A week later I entered the waters of baptism, becoming a member of The True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days. Also, I received the Holy Ghost into my corporate being with such a surge of spirit that it completely enveloped me.

I was also privileged to be present with part of the gathered remnant, when God’s anointed and appointed “Voice” led in mighty prayer. I felt the surge of power as the Father and the Son entered the room, and I had the Father of all creation look upon me, with his glory shining through me nothing hidden from view.

Soon the great and dreadful day of the Lord will arrive upon the earth. Babylon and Satan’s kingdom will be thrown down and destroyed. Zion will again come forth and claim her own. This witness and testimony I leave with you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Mark Burton

My name is Mark P. Burton, and I was born in Afton, Wyoming to a good active LDS family with a heritage rich with the early days of the LDS church. My life has been filled with many years of active service in the LDS Church–having served a mission to Arizona in 1970, been in several Elders Quorum Presidencies, spent ten years as ward and stake clerks, and been on two stake missions. I am writing this to let you my friends and fellow children of our Father in Heaven know what it is that could lead me to possibly have an interest in Manti, Utah, and the True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days.

So as to dispel any thoughts that you might have as to thinking that I was running away from my family or because of sin or the desire to commit sin, I will say this. You are sadly mistaken for I love and miss my family very much and have done nothing in coming here of which I am ashamed or is in violation of God’s laws. As to what brought me to move to Manti–in spite of the fact that Beth, my wife, said she would leave me if I did–I will share this with you so that if you are willing to be open to the spirit of truth, you might receive it.

In June of 1997 a friend of over fifteen years, who at that time was living in Alabama, called me to tell me of the things that he was learning from the Internet. We had spent a great deal of time together in years past while I was his Elders Quorum President, and had discussed many things about the gospel of Jesus Christ and its restoration. Among the things that we discussed there were some things of question that we didn’t understand, such as, how could Christ be perfect and qualified to be our Savior as well as be a perfected God if He hadn’t even yet come to the earth and received a body? If Christ could have progressed to that level without coming to the earth, then why couldn’t we have stayed in a premortal state and progressed a great deal closer to that level of perfection before coming into mortality? In our phone conversations he told me some interesting facts about that question that were taught by the early brethren. He sent me some literature and in studying it, I found answers to that question and other truths. The answers came from the scriptures and teachings of the early LDS leaders.

I know that you may say, “follow the living prophet,” but if the early prophets did not teach the truth so that we cannot find the truth in the early prophets, the current “prophet” has no legs to stand upon. The current leaders of the LDS church teach us to leave the mysteries alone, but the scriptures clearly teach us to search the mysteries. Many of us are familiar with the talk by Hugh B. Brown: “Profile of a Prophet.” As you will recall, he taught that if a man professed to be a prophet, he must talk like a prophet, and he would speak for God, (“thus sayeth the Lord”), and that his teachings must agree meticulously with the scriptures and with former prophets or he would be proven to be a fraud. The words of all true prophets are in harmony and full agreement–for God is not a changeable God or the author of confusion, for all mankind “must be saved on the same principals” (TPJS p. 308).

In July of 1997 we (my family) came west (from Wilmington, NC) to a family reunion, and while in Utah I wanted to go down to Manti and see if I could learn more about these people, still hoping to expose to myself their fraud for I was not searching for something different than what I had in the LDS church. However, at times I had been frustrated by their complacency and lack of focus on forming a Zion society and really preparing the members to meet Christ and have their calling and election made sure. It seemed that their focus was on numbers and programs and so uncertain over basic teachings, like seeing leaders not even finding it necessary for someone being baptized to be completely immersed at one time as long as they got wet all over. Beth (my wife) wouldn’t go to Manti with me, so she and the kids stayed in Ogden with friends while I went down for a day and a half to check it out.

While in Manti, I met several members of the True and Living Church of Jesus Christ of Saints of the Last Days (TLC for short). Among those members there were two or three former LDS bishops as well as many returned missionaries and people who had been strong active LDS members. What I found that they are teaching in Manti agrees with the scriptures and the teachings of the early brethren, but was in conflict with current teachings and practices of the LDS church. There is no question as to Jesus Christ being the Savior, the truthfulness of the restoration of the gospel to Joseph Smith, and the need for authority to act in the name of God. I know these things are true. What this put me in conflict with was why the LDS church has changed the ordinances and teachings of the early leaders, including the teachings and instructions of the Prophet Joseph Smith who still holds the keys of this dispensation (D&C 90:2-3), and whether or not the LDS church was STILL God’s true Church upon the earth.

We as LDS often have had our heads in the sand thinking that the church, “being true,” could never go into apostasy, for God would “never allow it.” Well, He does allow it–He believes in agency, always has and always will, or He would cease to be God. We often quoted President Wilford Woodruff’s statement to the effect that “God would never allow the President of the church to lead the people astray, but would remove him if he tried.” Well, this is a true statement but not in the traditional LDS interpretation. Each of us have done things that are wrong; God has allowed us to do it, but expects us to repent. God being no respecter of persons allows all people their agency including, prophets! He allows them their agency, and it is up to us to verify if what they are teaching us is true.

How God would remove them is that they would no longer be His mouth piece until they repented, just as Joseph Smith lost the power to translate for a season when not in harmony with God. Thus even “prophets” who sin would be left on their own to kick against God. This puts the responsibility back on each of us to have the spirit of revelation and to find out for our selves if our leaders are teaching us the word of God or the teachings of man. Brigham Young further emphasizes this by teaching:

“I told the people that if they would not believe the revelations that God had given, He would suffer the Devil to give revelations that they—priests and people—would follow after. . . . I told the people that as true as God lived, if they would not have truth, they would have error sent unto them and they would believe it.” (Brigham Young, 8 June 1878, Deseret News)

If we will not follow God, He will not force His agency upon us, regardless of our station or supposed status, but He will allow us to follow Satan and even receive revelation from him. So how are we to find out if we are being taught the truth and not just accept it on blind faith like dumb sheep who would follow their leaders over a cliff to destruction?

Well, many who will be reading this have had an endowment in an LDS temple. As you recall Adam sought further light and knowledge from God. Who then appeared? The self-appointed “god of this world,” Satan. It was then necessary for God to send Peter, James and John down to instruct Adam (and his posterity, for we are all to liken ourselves respectively to Adam and Eve) how to cast Satan and his followers out of our midst, and after doing this, how to get true revelation from the true God by using the true order of prayer. This was the teaching to Adam and was the teaching of the true endowment as revealed to Joseph.

Haven’t you ever thought how wonderful it would be to pray in the true order of prayer and get answers to your own questions? The endowment teaches us that we might get our prayers answered by Satan without the keys of the priesthood to detect true messengers from false ones. This was the recipe given of God to receive truth, and like all recipes or formulas, they must be followed exactly or they won’t give the desired results–including receiving false revelation from Satan if we don’t use the proper keys of the priesthood. This is what those who received an endowment in the early part of this dispensation did, they went home dedicated an altar and offered up prayer in the signs of the priesthood and received revelation from God.

In May of 1978 all LDS stake presidents and bishops received direction that, even though they might recognize the benefits, they were no longer to pray “in stake, ward, or other buildings” (LDS First Presidency Letter to “All Stake Presidents and Bishops,” 3 May 1978) using the true order of prayer in their wards and stakes–no more prayer circles. And members weren’t allowed to do it in their own homes. That is like giving a farmer the biggest and best tractors and all the equipment to go with it and then forbidding him to use it. It makes no sense at all! Teach you the only way to safely receive answers from God and never – no never allow you to use it. Think about it, even in the temple prayer circles they aren’t really praying in the true order because this is only given as instructional information as to how to do it, and members are rarely if ever permitted to act as voice. Just a word of caution at this point: if the keys have been altered from those delivered by God we are subject to receive the revelations of Satan regardless of our sincere desires–and he can give us good feelings too.

While talking about the endowment I feel inclined to mention a couple of other changes in this sacred holy ordinance. The garment has been changed from ankle and wrist length; LDS people are now forbidden to even wear the old long garment but are to put on a shortened version that allows them to wear the fashions of the world. Why?–To fit into the world, and become popular and accepted of the world.  Aren’t God’s people to be not of the world? You can’t tell a Latter Day Saint from a heathen–no more a peculiar people. When I received my endowment in the LDS Church, we were told to go often to the temple as a reminder of the covenants that we had made and keep them fresh in our minds. This is hard to do when they have changed the endowment from the covenants that we formerly made. They have even removed the holy embrace from the veil whereby we are to be received by the Savior and have our calling and election ratified. The lecture at the veil was changed to remove the declaration of truth that Adam is our Father and God.

Other changes include removal of penalties associated with the tokens of the priesthood. The scriptures clearly teach if there is no penalty there is no justice for breaking the laws of God. If there is no justice, there is no need for mercy. All things must be in balance before God: if there are no penalties for sin there is no need for the gift of God (mercy through the atonement), thus no need for Christ. If we deny the penalty for sin, we are denying Christ and crucifying Him ourselves.

Joseph Smith taught that:

“If there is no change of ordinances there is no change of Priesthood.” (TPJS p. 158)

Therefore if there is change of ordinance, there is change of priesthood or apostasy. Apostasy has happened to God’s true church many times here upon this earth. Just to mention a few: Lehi was called to declare the apostasy in his day, apostasy occurred also in the days of Abinadi, and so it was in the thirty times recorded in the Book of Mormon as noted in Nibley’s Teachings of the Book of Mormon. Joseph declared that the church was under condemnation (D&C 33:4 and 50:4 and 84:54-57). So also Ezra Taft Benson declared in conference not too long before his death that the church was still under that same condemnation. The conditions that bring forth God’s condemnation lead to apostasy and total rejection by God if not quickly repented of!

Upon returning home I continued to study and fast and pray about these teachings. I couldn’t deny the witnesses that I was receiving because I knew in my soul that they are right. In October I went back to Manti to attend a two day seminar and to learn the truth as to whether the LDS Church still had claim on being God’s true church on earth. I have never been in any class where the scriptures were taught in such clarity and power. I knew what I must do. I must gather to Manti and be a part of this, God’s great and marvelous works of the last day. Even if my family were to abandon me, I knew that what I had heard was true, and I knew that God knew that I knew it, and that I would be under condemnation of God if I were to reject His witness to me.

It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do to go back home and have my family (my wife, my eight children, my son-in-law and my grandson) reject me and walk out on me without even knowing of the things that I had seen and heard. However, I thank God that He blessed me with the strength and courage to follow what the spirit dictated in my heart with such power that I must do. I know that God did lead me here. I pray each day that God will prepare His elect–that your hearts will be prepared to listen to the truth of this message, and not be filled with the fear of truth because of tradition or the influence of Satan. I know that this is of God, and that the leaders of the LDS church either by error, or by the pressures of the world, or by the influence of Satan have led Christ’s true Church into complete rejection by God. You can’t change God’s laws and ordinances and not be rejected of God. There are many other factors but I will not go into more at this time.

God has stretched forth his hand to gather unto Him a remnant in these last days. On the 25th of November 1990 James Dee Harmston was visited by four great dispensation heads Enoch, Noah, Moses and Abraham. These patriarchs placed their hands on his head, and he now has the keys to the apostleship and the responsibility to do the will of God as his representative here on the earth and lead God’s people in truth. On the 3rd of May 1994 Christ’s church was again organized here upon the earth.

I bear witness that these things are true. God has found the LDS Church in apostasy, has rejected it, and established another in its place with the power and authority to act in His name. I am willing to be separated from my family for this truth’s sake if that must be, for I cannot deny the testimony of God that He has given me and not find my soul cast out for I dare not deny the Holy Ghost. These are the last days spoken of in Isaiah and Revelation. The calamities that we see going on in the world are but the wake-up call for the elect of God. Manti is the only place west of the Mississippi that has ever been declared (by Brigham Young) as a corner stake of Zion, a gathering place for God’s people. Great destruction’s await the wicked and they who will not repent.

I know this may seem very foreign to you and your first reaction may be to reject this as totally impossible and false but with all soberness and seriousness of my heart I testify in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that it is true and is most worthy of your time to investigate. May God’s spirit and blessings be upon you as you search these things. I pray that you may not reject this message but search it out and find out for yourselves that it is true. (Written November 6, 1998)